Farnair Air Transport

Has Operated from 1984 to Present

Country of Origin – Switzerland

Founder/Director – Unknown

This Basle based airline began operations in 1984, moving mostly parcels and smaller items of freight around Europe from both Switzerland and its hub in Cologne, Germany. Starting off with a couple of smaller types such as a LET L-410 and a Pilatus PC-6, the airline expanded quickly and by the late-90s, it was operating around ten aircraft, including a good number of F-27 freighters. In 1990, the airline set up a second wing of the company in Hungary and as such, a number of aircraft were registered there. During this time, Farnair has become a specialist in ad-hoc and rapid, on demand cargo operations.

It was of course Ford charters that brought Farnair to Southend and while this airline didn’t make a huge number of visits to the airport, it continued to visit SEN over a good number of years with both Swiss and Hungarian registered aircraft and is thus worthy of inclusion. In 2015, Farnair was re-branded as ASL Airlines and while this airline may have visited Southend, such operations are quite naturally outside of the scope of this website.


Farnair Air Transport fleet from 1994 to 2007

Fokker F-27 Friendship

HA-FAF*– 1/04 to 9/10

WFU and stored at Kemble

HA-FAH – 7/99 to 8/11

Sold in the US as N19XF

HB-AAZ – 3/96 to 6/99

Sold to Western Express Air as C-GWXC

HB-ILJ – 3/96 to 8/03

Sold to Airwork as ZK-PAX

HB-ILQ – 11/93 to 3/03

Sold to GT Air as PK-LTQ

HB-ISQ – 2/94 to 1/03

Sold to Trigana Air Service as PK-YRA

HB-ISY – 6/94 to 10/11

Sold to Falcon Express as A6-FCY

HB-ITQ*– 11/90 to 10/97

Sold to Miniliner as I-MLQT

HB-ITY – 5/01 to 10/12

Re-reg as HA-FAD ?/04 – Sold to Astral Aviation as 5Y-JUU

HB-IVQ*– 11/99 to Present

Re-reg as HA-FAE 6/04


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