SEN – Summer 1960 by Peter Clark

With thanks to Ken Wilcott/Marc Wilmott for the image above.

A Guide to Southend Airport in 1960 by Peter Clark

A/ ATEL flight shed 1st Western section built during 1958/59

B/ ATEL black Bellman hangar. Dismantled when the 2nd section (Eastern end) of the ATEL flight shed was completed and after conversion of the prototype ATL-98 CARVAIR Yankee Bravo was completed.

C/ Channel Airways (EAFS) black Bellman hangar during 1959/61, two thirds was used by Channel Airways & the other third by Airline Spares. After both companies had moved out it was partially rebuilt and converted into the main import/export customs warehouse.

D/ ATEL stores manages by Ron Goodlift. Was previously the RAF parachute store.

D 1/ ATEL MT Section Manager – Charlie Kingston and Assist Manager Don Robinson.

E/ EAFS (Channel Airways) Engineering stores and offices.

F/ This was the last of the black blister hangars at Southend. It was owned and operated by Southend Municipal Council (SMA) and had previously been used by EAFS.

G/ Air Registration Board (ARB) offices. This building also housed the offices of Bristol Aero Engines run by Jonny Danes Bristol Engines and later BAe. What he didn’t know about the Bristol Hercules that was fitted to the B170s and Vikings wasn’t worth knowing.

H/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) Original Car Ferry Unit built in 1955.

H 1/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) Traffic office run by Traffic Superintendant Jim Chapman.

I/ Channel Air Bridge loaders hut. Fred Lusby was the foreman and his number two was Frank McDonald.

J/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) Car Marshalls. (Stewards during the days of the B170 only employed men as crew member being as it was believed that a woman would lack the strength to re-lash a car should it come loose during flight) Personnel included Gordon Murrison who was the Chief Car Marshall with Jacky Googe as his No.2, Les Sutton as No.3 and Ted Lord as the No.4.

K/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) Import Cargo Dept run by Norman Amery.

L/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) Export Dept run by Les Orr and Barry Pawsey.

M/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) Blanket and Catering Supplies.

M 1/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) Bonded Stores run by Alf Tinian and Denis Holder.

N/ Parking area for SMA refuelling bowsers.

O/ Crash crew and duty crew refuellers crew room.

P / Channel Air Bridge (ACL) Cargo warehouse which later became part of an enlarged bonded store.

Q/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) petrol station.

R/ Channel Air Bridge (ACL) operations, crew rostering and link training room.

R 1/ Airline and freight offices. Previously the RAF HQ building.

S/ British European Airways (BEA) Diversion office and stores manned by engineer Tug Wilson. Operated between October and March.

T/ Southend Municipal Flying Club and hangar.

U/ The Flare Path Club.

V/ The Greasy Spoon (Great eggs, bacon and chips!).

W/ Signal square.

X & Y/ Airline offices of Channel Airways, Tradair and Overseas.

Z/ Airport main terminal building.

Z 1/ Old control tower. Replaced at around the same time as the Car Ferry Unit was built and is now known as Viscount House.


Aircraft shown on picture of Southend Airport – Summer 1960

1/ Canadair C.4 Argonaut of Flying Enterprise ex G-ALHD which became OY-AFB.

2/ Vickers Viking of Tradair in Hunting Clan colours either G-AGRV or G-AHPC.

3/Vickers Viking 00-EEN of Aviameer Airlines.

4/ Vickers Viking G-AHPH of Channel Airways. Cracked its main spar landing at SEN in July 1959 and finally sent to Ipswich by road in 1963.

5/De Havilland Dove of Channel Airways. Either G-AOBZ or G-AOZW as both WFU during the summer of 1960.

6/ Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk 32 of Channel Air Bridge (ACL).

7/ Vickers Viscount V707 of Tradair – Either G-APZB or G-APZC.

8/ Consolidated Vultee PBY-5A Catalina G-APZA part owned by Mike Keegan.

9/ Bristol 170 Freighter Mk 21E of Channel Airways – Either G-AICT or G-AIFO.

10/ Bristol 170 Freighter Mk 32 Channel Air Bridge (ACL).

11/ Bristol 170 Freight Mk 32 Channel Air Bridge (ACL).

12/ Bristol 170 Freighter Mk 21E Channel Airways – Either G-AICT or G-AIFO.

13/ De Havilland Dove of Channel Airways. Either G-AOBZ or G-AOZW as both WFU during the summer of 1960.

14/ Handley Page HPR 1 Marathon G-AMGX of Balfour Marine Engineering Ilford, Essex.

15/ Airspeed AS.65 Consul G-AJXG belonged to Mike Keegan.

16/ 90+ Percival Prentice airframes purchased by ATEL.

17/ Percival Proctor 4 G-ANZJ.

18/ Bristol 170 Mk II G-AGPV of Air Condor Ltd.

19/ Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk 32 Channel Air Bridge (ACL).

20/ De Havilland D.H.114 Heron G-APRK of Balfour Marine Engineering – Sammy Norman’s favourite runaround.

21/ Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk 32 of Channel Air Bridge (ACL).