Elektriska Svets AB

Has Operated from c.1914 to Present

Country of Origin – Sweden

Founders/Directors – Oscar Kjellberg and Hugo Hammar

Another company that had nothing to do with aviation as such, but whose aircraft would regularly frequent SEN was Elektriska Svetsnings Aktibolaget, a concern started by the inventor of the welding electrode who went on to initially build metal boats before moving on to the production of more advanced welding equipment, electrical generators and inverters. ESAB was initially based in Gothenburg, Sweden, but soon began to open new production facilities elsewhere in Europe including Germany. However, after WWII the company found itself in deep water when accusations surrounded it concerning the use of slave labour from various concentration camps which then resulted in its Denmark factory being bombed and one of its Norwegian board members being murdered.

That said, by the early 1960s the company had managed to throw off its somewhat dark and dubious past and looked to a future of promoting and selling its equipment around much of the rest of Europe, something that could be better and more quickly achieved by having a small fleet of aircraft at its disposal. From the mid-60s onwards, its aircraft would frequently pass through Southend mostly to clear customs, although sometimes stopping over for business trips within Essex and on the odd occasion to London. In fact, business in the UK became so good that ESAB eventually procured a British registered aircraft of its own which they would use chiefly within the UK and from this point on, the Swedish registered aircraft were rarely seen at Southend.


Elektriska Svets AB fleet from 1963 to 1965

Piper PA-23 Aztec

SE-ECA*– ?/?? to ?/??

Fate Unknown

SE-EIY*– 11/64 to 8/84

W/O and scrapped

Piper PA-28

G-ATAS*– 2/65 to 11/68

Sold to a private owner in the U.K


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