Operated from c.1957 to c.1972

Country of Origin – Germany

Founder/Director – Mr. A. Ostermann & Mr. W. Zimmermann

From the late 1950s onwards, this Bremen based company grew to become the largest dealer of second-hand aircraft in Europe, not to mention holding agency for Beechcraft products while a small fleet of its own aircraft were seemingly used to ferry company employees and V.I.P.s around Europe using a number of business twins. Travelair also had a Scandinavian subsidiary which was somewhat aptly known as Travelair Scandinavia, although there is no evidence that any of these aircraft ventured into SEN. This company went on to make quite a number of customs clearance visits to Southend between July 1962 and 1965 and it is possible that some flights were made to SEN during the previous & following years too. The aircraft above (D-IGAS) first visited SEN on the 14th & again on the 15th July 1962 when she travelled between Ostend and Oxford/Liverpool respectively.

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Travelair fleet from 1962 to 1965

Beech 65 & 80 Queen Air

D-IGAS* – 12/62 to 2/63

TFR to Travelair Scandinavia as SE-EDE

D-ILBE*– ?/66 to 8/81

Sold in Switzerland as HB-GCS

D-ILBY*– ?/?? to ?/??

Fate Unknown

D-ILLY* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate Unknown

D-ILSO* – ?/?? to ?/??

Fate unknown

D-IGLY*– ?/?? to ?/??

Fate Unknown

Beech 90 King Air

D-ILFU – ?/65 to 11/71

Sold to Coleman Aircraft Corp as N4PC

D-ILKA – 12/69 to 1/85

Sold to G. Eheim

D-ILMI*– 3/65 to 12/75

Sold to Dodson International Parts Inc

D-ILNU – ?/66 to 2/67

DBR at Bremen – Rebuilt as c/n LJ-178A

D-INLY – 2/67 to 11/71

Sold to Coleman Aircraft Corp as N2PC

D-ILTA – 11/68 to ?/??

Sold in the U.S. as N481SA

D-ILTE*– 6/69 to 1/72

Sold in the Coleman Aircraft Corp as N5PC

D-ILTI – 12/69 to 12/70

Sold to Central Trust Leasing as N155S

D-ILVV – ?/65 to 11/71

Sold to Colemand Aircraft Corp as N3PC

Beech 100 King Air

D-ILRA – 2/70 to 10/89

Sold in Mexico as XB-ING


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