Travelair Cargo BV

Operated from c.Jun 1983 to Dec 1984

Country of Origin – The Netherlands

Founder/Director – Unknown

Unfortunately, very little is known about the history or background of this short lived Dutch airline, although it clearly had nothing to do with the earlier, German taxi service operator of the same name that frequented SEN during the 1960s and 1970s. What is known is that it started out as a Rotterdam based cargo operator that had initially planned to operate two De Havilland Canada Twin Otters, although it would appear that only one example was eventually taken up. Nevertheless, by October 1983 the company had started running twice daily services between Rotterdam and Southend. These operations lasted until December 1984, when it would seem that the airline itself was disbanded.


Travelair fleet from 1983 to 1984

De Havilland Canada D.H.C.6 Twin Otter

PH-DDC – 7/83 to 12/84

Sold to Rocky Mountain Aircraft as C-GZFP


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