Iraq Petroleum Company

Has Operated from 1929 to Present

Main Base – London

Founder/Director – Unknown

Another company whose aircraft frequented Southend on a regular basis during the 1960s was IPC, a huge oil concern which at the time held more or less exclusive rights to oil exploration, drilling and production in Iraq. However, most of the aircraft that ventured into SEN were used for transporting workers, staff and supplies around rather than for survey work or exploration itself. The types that came to the airport formed two distinct groups, the first comprising of De Havilland Doves which generally passed through for maintenance and overhauls with ATEL, a company that had become something of an industry expert where both the Dove and Heron were concerned. The second group meanwhile, would itself be tied to Southend by virtue of the eventual merger of Hunting Clan and Airwork into BUA. These DC-3s spent much of their time with Iraq Petroleum on lease from Hunting Clan and were all later transferred to BUA approximately one year after the relaunch of the company in 1960.


Iraq Petroleum fleet from 1960 to 1967

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have passed through SEN are listed)

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove

G-AHRI*– 7/46 to 6/57

Sold to T.D Keegan

G-AJHX – 4/51 to 7/73

WFU and B/U

G-AJJF – 2/47 to 5/73

TFR to Iraq

G-AKJP*– 1/51 to 5/73

TFR to Iraq

G-ALBF*– 6/48 to 5/73

TFR to Iraq

G-AMUZ*– 10/52 to 7/73

WFU and B/U

Douglas DC-3

G-AMHJ*– 6/56 to 5/61

Leased from Hunting Clan – Returned from 4/57 to 7/58

G-AMNL*– 3/55 to 5/61

Leased from Hunting Clan

G-AMSJ*– 10/54 to 6/61

Leased from Hunting Clan


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