Allied Breweries/Ind Coope

Operated from c.1961 to c.1979

Main Base – Unknown

Founder/Director – Unknown

While the thought of combining beer with flying would most certainly bring even the most seasoned pilot out in a cold sweat, Allied Breweries/Ind Coope as with many other large companies of the time, maintained a small fleet of aircraft with which they could transport executives, customers and V.I.P.s around the country. Some flights were also used on beer tasting jaunts to select breweries, no doubt to the delight of the passengers one might add. Even to this day, one can only begin to imagine how it must have been for the poor, beleaguered, Ind Coope pilot who had no doubt drawn the short straw when it came to returning a glut of somewhat boozed up passengers from these visits sometime later in the day.

Indeed, one could almost be forgiven for thinking that Allied Breweries/Ind Coope’s aircraft were Southend based at one point, as during the 1960s, hardly a day went by when one of their aircraft wasn’t parked up somewhere on the airport. From the early-60s to the early-70s, their aircraft primarily hauled people backwards and forwards to the Star Brewery in Romford, although a good number of jollies would also be run from the airport, such as to the breweries at Burton-on-Trent around Christmas time. Even to this very day, Ind Coope still holds the somewhat unenviable record of being the only company to inadvertently perform two wheels up landings at SEN (Dove G-APCZ¬† and one of its Queen Air aircraft) both of which were allegedly ‘performed’ by the same pilot…


Allied Breweries/Ind Coope fleet from 1961 to 1973

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove

G-APCZ*– 8/57 to 9/67

Sold in Chartwell Pty Ltd as VH-MJD

G-ARDE* – 11/60 to 8/69

Sold to Eagle Aircraft Services

Beech 65 Queen Air

G-ASIU*– 9/69 to 6/75

Sold to J.D.M. Flyers Ltd

G-ASVE*– 3/65 to 5/66

Leased from Short Brothers Ltd

G-ASXV*– 10/65 to 8/79

Sold in the U.S.

Beech 95 Travel Air

G-ASLG – 4/65 to ?/65

Leased from Short Brothers Ltd

G-ASDO* – 9/63 to ?/64

Leased from Short Brothers

G-ASNO* – 2/64 to 1/74

Sold to Eagle Aircraft Services


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