Hunting Aerosurveys/Surveys

Operated from c.Jun 1944 to Jan 2003

Main Base – Hendon

Founder/Director – Mr. Percy Hunting

While Hunting Aerosurveys could quite easily trace its history back to the WWI era through its predecessor the Aircraft Operating Company, by 1944 AOC had disappeared with Mr Percy Hunting having taken this company over, after which both it and his other company Aerofilms were merged into a single business concern. As the name suggests, the main remit of this aeronautical entity was aerial photography and geographical survey work and as was the case with most companies of this kind, medium sized, twin engined liaison or communications aircraft were generally the equipment of choice for such undertakings.

While it is almost certain that no photographic or survey operations were carried out from SEN, the airport nevertheless receive a large number of visits from Hunting A/S’ aircraft as they headed out to the Continent and then back again, visiting SEN primarily to clear customs and in some cases refuel. One such visit around 1960 did cause something of a furore however when (as the story goes) one of their DC-3s was on finals to land on 24  although the crew had inadvertently neglected to reel in the trailing R.F. antenna. The antenna then subsequently dragged across the railway power lines shorting them out in the process.


Hunting Aerosurveys fleet from 1956 to 1962

Airspeed Consul

G-AIUH*– 3/52 to 9/58

Sold in Kenya as VP-KOX

De Havilland Dragon Rapide

G-AHED – 4/61 to 2/69

WFU and scrapped 8/69

G-AIYR*– 1/53 to 4/71

Sold to a private owner in the U.K

Percival P.50 Prince

G-ALRY*– 8/49 to 5/67

In East Africa as VP-KNN from 5/56 to 1/59 – Also flew as F-BJAJ on several trips to France

G-AMLW*– 5/54 to 11/56

Returned 3/59 as F-BJAI – Exported to France 6/60

G-AMOT*– 2/52 to 8/58

DBR landing in Kenya 6/8/58

Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakota

G-AMVB – 9/57 to 10/58

W/O by fire in Iran 22/10/58

G-AMYW*– 8/53 to 4/67

W/O after engine failure in Saudi Arabia 8/4/67

G-ANAF* – 11/58 to 4/73

To the East Anglian Aviation Society, Duxford

G-AOFZ*– 7/56 to 2/60

Sold to Derby Aviation


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