Aurigny Air Services

Has Operated from Mar 1968 to Present

Main Bases – Alderney and later Guernsey

Founder/Director – Sir Derrick Bailey

Ever since its conception, Aurigny has been running inter island flights between the Channel Islands and even today, such flights make up a good deal of its operations. However, with some of the larger players abandoning these fights and other services to the British mainland and France at the turn of the ’70s, Aurigny quickly stepped in and took over the reins. Flights to Southampton began in 1970 from both Alderney and Cherbourg, while Jersey flights were undertaken to Dinard. The following year would see the inauguration of direct services from Cherbourg, Guernsey and Jersey to Southampton and as a consequence, the airline was required to expand its fleet of Britten-Norman Islanders and Trislanders considerably.

While the end of the ’70s and the beginning of the ’80s witnessed Aurigny attempting to break into other routes and try other aircraft types such as the Twin Otter, the airline always seemed to come back to its bread and butter services between the islands and of course, the trusty albeit rather noisy Trislanders. However, some successes were evident and further competition was removed during 1987 when BAF owned Guernsey Airlines was sold to Aurigny primarily due to financial difficulties that were surrounding Jadepoint at the time. Two successful routes also emerged when in 1990, nightly postal services were established between the Channel Islands and East Midlands/Gatwick.

As far as SEN was concerned, Aurigny aircraft would turn up on occasion during the late 1980s while 1990 would herald in the beginning of regular summer services to Jersey, first with Trislanders which would sometimes find themselves being replaced by a much larger Short 360 aircraft when bookings were high. Nevertheless, the Trislanders would still venture into Southend as late as the mid-90s although Jersey trips would usually route in and out via Aurigny’s base at Guernsey. Moving forward towards the turn of the century, larger types were eventually purchased or leased and flights were then expanded to such destinations as Amsterdam, Manchester and Stansted. While these larger types do not operate to SEN as a rule, a few have occasionally popped in for refinishing or on diversions.


Aurigny fleet from 1985 to 1995

(Only those types that were likely to have visited SEN have been included)

Britten-Norman Islander

G-BEPH – 7/87 to 9/01

Re-reg as G-PCAM 9/01 – WFU Guernsey 10/01

Britten-Norman Trislander

G-AZLJ – 1/72 to 2/86

Sold to Avon Air Services

G-BAXD – 12/82 to Pres

Re-reg as G-XTOR 4/96 – Currently stored

G-BBYO*– 3/74 to 2/92

WFU Guernsey and used for spares

G-BDGG – 6/79 to 6/15

Re-reg as G-JOEY 11/81 – WFU and ret to service 02/04 – PWFU

G-BDTN*– 4/87 to 1/98

WFU at Guernsey and stored

G-BDTO*– 11/84 to 2/17

Re-reg as G-OTSB 1/86 & G-RBSI 2/96 – PWFU

G-BDWV – 12/84 to ?/15

Re-reg as G-RBCI 3/01 – WFU in 2015

G-BEPH – 5/87 to 10/01

Re-reg as G-PCAM 9/01 – WFU 10/01 – PWFU in 2011

G-BEPI – 10/83 to ?/15

Re-reg as G-FTSE 5/00 – PWFU in 2015

G-BEVT*– 7/83 to 5/17

WFU – To Duxford 6/17 for preservation with the DAS

G-OCTA*– 7/91 to 4/17

Re-reg as G-ITEX 6/00 & G-RLON 4/02 – WFU – To the Solent Sky Museum for preservation

Short 360

G-OAAS*– 4/90 to 6/98

Sold to Swedeways Air Lines as SE-KCI


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