Air Ulster

Operated from Dec 1967 to Jan 1970

Main Base – Belfast

Founders/Directors – Mr. J.W. Rigby & Capt. R.S. Meldrum

Air Ulster was a small C-47 operator from Northern Ireland which rose out of the ashes of Emerald Airways. The airline initially started out with a single aircraft which had been procured from Emerald, although by May of the following year three more aircraft had been added to the fleet, all of them being leases. Services mainly consisted of passenger and cargo charters between Northern Ireland and Scotland although by 1969, flights were beginning to venture further south to such destinations as Blackpool and Liverpool, with some of these charters being operated on behalf of B.U.A. It wasn’t until the last quarter of 1969 and the first week of 1970 that Air Ulster would finally make a multitude of trips into SEN where their C-47s and sole, leased Viscount would frequently stop over on their flights between Birmingham and Ostend.


Air Ulster fleet from 1969 to 1970:

Douglas C-47 Dakota

G-AGJV*– 3/69 to 1/70

Leased from Air Envoy

G-AMJU – 5/68 to 1/70

Sold to Institute Geographic du Zaire as 9Q-CIR

G-AMWV – 12/67 to 5/69

WFU at Prestwick – To fire dump

G-AMWW*– 5/68 to 1/70

Leased from Skyways

G-ANAE – 1/68 to 4/68

Leased from B.U.A.

Vickers 803 Viscount

EI-APD – 7/69 to 11/69

Leased from Aer Lingus


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