Operated from May 1967 to Sep 1970

Country of Origin – Sweden

Founder/Director – Unknown

This small airline was initially set up to offer charter services from their base at Bulltofta Airport in Malmö. Three Viscounts were the prime movers during the early months and the bulk of their flights were comprised of passenger movements. However by 1969, the fleet had doubled in size with the addition of three Lockheed Electras which again were mostly used for moving passengers, although freight charters would no doubt be undertaken too. As far as SEN is concerned, Falconair flew a good number of charters to the airport on shopping trips with all three Viscounts putting in an appearance at some time or other. As for the Electras, there is no evidence of them ever coming to Southend in their Falconair guise, although the later incarnation of this airline known as Falcon Aviation would lease SE-IVT to Channel Express and she would visit SEN on March 8th 1992 operating the UPS run.


Falconair fleet from 1968 to 1970

Vickers Viscount

SE-CNK*– 5/67 to 3/71

Sold to Malmö Aero

SE-CNL*– 4/67 to 3/71

Sold to Malmö Aero

SE-CNM*– 4/67 to 3/71

Sold to Malmö Aero


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