Southend District Flying Club

Operated from Unknown to Unknown

Founders/Directors – Mr David Giles and Mr George Roberts (Trustees)

Yet another seemingly obscure flying organisation that was around possibly during the early to mid-80s was Southend District Flying Club, a company about which very little is known. The only information that is available seems to suggest that this ‘club’ in whatever form it took, possessed a small fleet of Victa Airtourers which were registered to a Mr David Giles and a Mr George Roberts who acted as trustees for SDFC. All four Airtourers were visibly recorded as being at Southend during March 1984, although it appears that a couple of these aircraft (*) were simply passing through SEN having been procured for the ‘Scottish Aerobatics Flying Club’. If anyone can provide any extra details then please contact us on the email address below.


Southend District Flying Club fleet

Victa Airtourer

G-ATEX – 10/81 to 11/85

Sold to Medway Victa Group

G-ATHT – 3/81 to 10/84

Sold to Hamish Munro-Fairways

G-ATJC* – 5/82 to 11/84

TFR to the Scottish Aerobatics Flying Club

G-AZHT* – 4/81 to 10/86

TFR to the Scottish Aerobatics Flying Club


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