Tudor G-AIYA

Avro 688 Tudor 1 – c/n 1367

With Air Charter from Aug 1954 to May 1955

Coming off the production line as a Tudor 1 aircraft, Yankee Alpha was quickly converted to Tudor 3 specification by Armstrong Whitworth in mid-1947. Two such aircraft were eventually reworked, ending up as V.I.P. executive aircraft with luxury 10 seat or 9 berth interiors. The idea was that these planes would later be used from time to time by officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation and other government V.I.P.s although in reality, it would seem that she made little to no flights in this configuration and instead spent much of her time languishing at Tarrant Rushton. Needless to say, Aviation Traders also had no use for aircraft fitted out in such a manner and after purchasing YA in September 1953, her new owner set to work converting her back to her former Tudor 1 standard which would enable her to carry 42 passengers in relative comfort.

Not long after her conversion, she was passed over to Air Charter and left Southend for Stansted on February 22nd where she would remain until receiving her C.o.A. on May 3rd 1954. She would however have an extremely short career with the airline. Her 1954 flying season lasted less than three months and during this time it was likely that she was put to work freighting to the Middle East. However by July 29th, she had returned to Southend and from this point on, would never fly again. While it is true that G-AIYA was considered for conversion to Tudor 4B standard, this work was never actually carried out and it is highly likely that she was instead used as a source of spares prior to her demise. Her registration was finally cancelled in November 1958 although the exact date of her scrapping remains unknown.

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History of G-AIYA

11/46 to 9/53

Ministry of Civil Aviation as VP301

(Conv to Tudor 3 by Armstrong Whitworth Aviation)

9/53 to 8/54

Aviation Traders as G-AIYA

8/54 to 5/55

Air Charter Ltd


Stored from 7/54 – Officially WFU at Southend 5/55 – Date of scrapping unknown


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