Tudor G-AJKC

Avro 688 Tudor 1 – c/n 1368

With Air Charter from Aug 1954 to Aug 1956

Along with Tudor G-AIYA, G-AJKC was the only other aircraft to be converted by Armstrong Whitworth from Tudor 1 to Tudor 3 standard. The latter involved the installation of a comfortable, V.I.P. cabin for up to 10 officials, dignitaries or government ministers who also had sleeping berths available to them for any overnight trips that should occur. Invariably, in the never ending quest that most governments seem to have for wasting taxpayer’s money, the planes saw little to no use and were soon dispatched to Tarrant Rushton where they were stored until finally being disposed of in 1953. Their purchaser Aviation Traders quite naturally had no requirement for such extravagance and the aircraft was converted back to Tudor 1 specs enabling it to carry either passengers or freight. As with the majority of the Tudors, Kilo Charlie was eventually transferred to Air Charter in August 1954.

The conversion and overhaul of KC took place at SEN although despite this, the aircraft would ultimately never enter service. Lacking the large, rear cargo doors that many of the other Tudors had seemingly limited her usefulness somewhat. Indeed at one point, much like Tudor G-AIYA, this aircraft was also considered for conversion to Tudor 4B standard although this work was never carried out, the picture above clearly showing an unmodified aircraft at Southend during 1956. In fact, from the late summer of 1956 onwards, Southend would become something of a parking lot for a number of superfluous Tudors that had either found themselves with little in the way of work, were facing the imminent expiry of their C.o.A.s or had simply come to the end of their effective service lives and it was here during August 1956 that Kilo Charlie would finally meet the breaker’s axe.

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History of G-AJKC

2/47 to 9/53

Ministry of Civil Aviation as VP312

(Conv to Tudor 3 by Armstrong Whitworth Aviation)

9/53 to 8/54

Aviation Traders as G-AJKC

8/54 to 8/56

Air Charter Ltd


B/U at Southend 8/56


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