Operated from Mar 1962 to Oct 1999

Founder/Director – Unknown

Initially based at a facility on Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff, this company then opened large warehouse on Sutton Road, Southend around 1974. As the name suggests during the 1960s and 1970s, Flightspares was a supplier of both new and unused aircraft components which at the time, specialised primarily in Viscount, Vanguard, Avro 748, Britannia, F-27, Herald and Comet parts and spares, although as the years went by, their inventory was expanded to include parts for the BAC 1-11 and Britten-Norman Islander. However, this company is deserving of inclusion here by virtue of the fact that it would occasionally purchase aircraft for spares recovery and store them at Southend. Amongst the first of these aircraft was a pair of ex-TAA Viscounts which had previously been purchased by Mike Keegan. In the early 1990s, this company finally moved to Aviation Way where it opened an aviation electronics division although in 1999, it was finally bought out by Saywell International.


Flightspares Aircraft

Vickers 700 Viscount

VH-TVD – 9/67 to 2/70

Stripped of parts and scrapped at SEN

VH-TVF – 1/70 to 2/70

Stripped of parts and scrapped at SEN

G-AMON – 5/76 to 6/77

Sold to Cecil Jones High School – B/U SEN c.1979 although cockpit remained on site until at least 1982

Short SC.7 Skyvan

G-BKME – 9/85 to 7/91

Sold to Blue Sky Aircraft as N4280Y

G-BKMF – 9/85 to 2/86

Sold to Emocha Tea Plantation as C9-ASN


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