I.C.& S.S. Ltd

Operated from 1956 to Feb 2011

Main H.Q. – Westcliff-on-sea

Founder/Director – Unknown

Starting out in 1956, I.C.& S.S. Ltd was a Westcliff based company which offered two essential airline support services, those of cleaning and catering and as a result, it eventually ended up providing these services to a good number of airports and airlines around the UK. However, while I.C.& S.S. would remain as the holding company title, its two departments operated under separate names, namely Inflight Cleaning Services and Inflight Catering Services, both of which were present at Southend. During their time at the airport, these two company branches were based in buildings between the duty crew facility and the Britavia hangar from where they operated between the mid 1970s and the early 1990s.

The cleaning/handling wing of the company mostly employed former Unigate milk floats to get around the airport and was responsible for baggage handling, the servicing of aircraft facilities (water & waste), freight sweeps and both turn around and deep cleaning to cabin interiors plus full plane washes. Meanwhile, the catering department would mostly provide hot and cold meals plus drinks and organise bonded goods uplifts for the Burstin charters and a number of BAF passenger flights. It would appear that the company started winding down some of its operations in the late ’80s and by 1989 most of SEN’s handling services had been taken over by Routair. The cleaning and catering side would however last a little longer and it would appear that these operations ceased at around the same time that Burstin Holidays went into administration.


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