Southend Flying Club

Has Operated at SEN from c.May 1979 to Present

Founders/Directors – Ted Clack then Michael Hatt, Ronald Harris, Ahmad Jahanfar & Peter Preston

Tracing its history back over the decades and through its previous incarnations, Southend Flying Club is arguably Southend Airport’s oldest flying club having roots that go all the way back to 1931 and the old Ashingdon airfield which was just north of the airport, although it soon took up residence in the former SMFC hangar at SEN. However, this organisation’s more recent history stems back to Av-Air and then the Southend Light Aviation Centre before eventually becoming the Southend Flying Club in the spring of 1979. Run by Ted Clack from a Nissen hut at the end of the southern perimeter road, the club continued to offer PPL, IMC, night, aerobatics, R/T and twin rating training while assistant flying instructor courses were also undertaken too. However, after many years of flying and instructing at SEN, Ted Clack finally decided to hang up his wings and retire. Thus in 1986, the club was sold on to a group of four individuals (listed above) with Danny Woolf joining the club as the C.F.I. for the commercial side of the business which in effect permitted the club to teach from PPL through to CPL. In essence the club has continued to operate in this manner until the present day.


Southend Flying Club fleet

(Only those aircraft that were registered before 2002 have been listed)

Cessna 152

G-BOLW – 7/94 to Pres

Owned by JRB Aviation/G-BOLW Flying Group

Piper PA-28 Cherokee/Warrior

G-ATPN – 11/89 to Pres

With G-ATPN Group

G-AVGD – 5/86 to 7/87

Sold to Levi John Fisher

G-AVLT – 11/79 to 10/96

Sold to David Jenvey & Keith Piper

G-AVNP – 11/86 to 11/01

W/O at Nayland Airfield, Essex

G-AVPV – 4/87 to 10/88

Sold to Robert Hinton Design Ltd

G-AVUU – 11/89 to 4/12

WFU – Fate Unknown

G-AVWM – 11/89 to Pres

With G-AVWM Group

G-BOTF – 7/89 to Pres

With G-BOTF Group

Morane Saulnier MS.885

G-ATGG – 2/81 to 6/81

Sold to B&C Builders Materials Ltd

Piper PA-23 Apache

G-ATMU – 11/81 to 3/02

WFU and scrapped prior to 2002

Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six

G-BBFV – 12/77 to 8/90

Sold to Alan Burton

Piper PA-34 Seneca

G-BVEV – 12/95 to 3/17

Part owned by JRB Aviation until 5/05 – Sold to Mohammad Ali


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