BAe ATP – c/n 2053

With BWA from Jan 2000 to Dec 2001

Having previously spent several years operating for British Airways, this ATP was placed into storage at Manchester Airport during April 1999 after which she was then snapped up by Trident Jet Leasing in June. However, unlike the first four British World ATPs, Whiskey Romeo and sister ship Whiskey Papa never joined the airline and were instead taken on on lease. WR was eventually dispatched to SEN on December 12th 1999 where she was prepared for service before going off on a sub-lease agreement with Crossair from the end of January 2000 until the last week of March. In April she would then go to work alongside stable mate G-OBWN, flying around Greece on behalf of Valkanair in support of their General Election. May would see two further sub-leases when she headed off to Euro Region Air for a week before spending a further week with SATA Air Acores, being seen at a number of Iberian destinations such as Faro and Palma.

Her operational history for 2001 however is unfortunately rather sketchy, although it would seem that she spent a certain amount of time first at Manchester and then in Scotland. Indeed by the end of 2001, she had once again been dispatched to Aberdeen where she played her part in helping to operate the Sumburgh oil route and it was in Aberdeen that she would temporarily find herself being laid up with the collapse of British World in December of that year. However, this would not mean the end of her SEN history by any measure of the term and while she would spend nine months in Spain working for an unknown operator, come December 2002 she was back at Southend where she later underwent an overhaul during May 2004 before finally being put into storage in a pure white livery until at least late 2006. Why she remained at SEN for such a long time is unknown and if anyone has any further information about this then please do not hesitate to let us know on saadinfomail@gmail.com


History of G-OBWR

3/93 to 7/94

British Aerospace as G-11-053

7/94 to 6/99

British Airways as G-BUWP

(Leased from 8/93 to 7/94)

6/99 to 1/00

Trident Jet (Jersey) Leasing

1/00 to 12/01

British World Airlines

2/02 to 4/07

Trident Jet (Jersey) Leasing

4/07 to Pres

West Air Sweden as SE-MAR


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