BAe ATP – c/n  2051

With BWA from Jan 2000 to Dec 2001

With the removal of its last ATR in November 1999, it seemingly became apparent that BWA’s four ATPs would not be able to meet the company’s operational requirements. So in January 2000, two former British Airways aircraft were summarily leased from Trident Leasing which would then go on to spend almost two years with the airline. Of all the ATPs that operated with BWA, Whiskey Papa’s leasing or more correctly sub-leasing ventures, were virtually non-existent. Arriving at SEN on December 12th 1999, she went into service for the first time during January 2000 and then went off on her one and only known lease for two weeks at the end of April with Brit Air flying to airports on the Continent such as Rotterdam and Hanover.

As far as is known, it would appear that she spent much of the winter of 2000/2001 idle at SEN before finally being reactivated in February. Much of this year consisted of the usual glut of BWA flights from Scottish airports such as Edinburgh from where she flew a charter to Scatsta during April, while Aberdeen would quite naturally beckon too. Her last flight for British World actually came about a week before the demise of this airline and as with G-OBWR, she remained at Aberdeen for the time being before being repossessed on February 13th 2002 and then being sent off for several months with an unknown Spanish operator.

While technically outside of the time frame that this website covers, her later history is of significant interest and is thus worthy of mention here. Again, much like her sister ship G-OBWR, she would eventually return to SEN, although unlike the former aircraft which more or less sat idle during her time at the airport, for a short period Whiskey Papa was bandied about from pillar to post. She initially arrived at Southend on February 2nd 2006 from Exeter where she had been stored for more than two years still in her former BWA livery. She then underwent maintenance, before being painted up for Indian operator First Flight and departed for Lidköping at the end of March as VT-FFA. However, she returned to SEN once more on August 23rd registered as VT-FFC and left again on October 20th.


History of G-OBWP

6/92 to 7/92

British Aerospace as G-BTPO

7/92 to 6/99

British Airways

6/99 to 1/00

Trident Aviation Leasing (Jersey) Ltd

1/00 to 12/01

British World

12/01 to 10/06

Trident Aviation Leasing (Jersey) Ltd

10/06 to 2/09

First Flight Couriers Ltd as VT-FFC

2/09 to 1/12

Trident Aviation Leasing (Jersey) Ltd

1/12 to Pres

West Atlantic Aircraft Management AB

Stored at Coventry


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