BAe ATP – c/n 2059

With BWA from Dec 1998 to Dec 2001

This particular ATP was the last of a batch of four aircraft delivered to British World from British Aerospace, who dispatched her to Southend three days before Christmas 1998. It would appear that this aircraft was quickly painted up and readied for service on the Aberdeen – Sumburgh route, where she was seen at the beginning of 1999. Several short leases would also come her way and by the end of March, she had gone off on lease with Jersey European. Come the summer, she had become a common sight at Birmingham where she would appear regularly up until the late autumn of 1999 flying to various continental destinations. The following year would then see WN returning primarily to British World operations although for a week in April, BWA would operate Whiskey November on behalf of Greek airline Valkanair which was at the time engaged in moving the electorate around the country in support of their General Election.

On June 20th 2000, ATP Whiskey November almost came to grief during a take off run at Stansted. The aircraft started to veer off to the right without any pilot input while the subsequent attempt to correct this resulted in an uncommanded and severe lurch in the opposite direction. The take off was subsequently abandoned and despite serious vibration from the front of the aircraft, the ATP remained on the runway and thankfully, none of the 49 passengers and 4 crew received anything more than a few bumps and bruises. The cause was later established by the AAIB to have been caused by a fault with the nose gear steering switch. With the collapse of British World, she was flown to SEN where she remained until being purchased from the receiver by West Air Sweden in March of the following year


History of G-OBWN

2/93 to 12/94

British Aerospace as G-BVEO/G-11-059

12/94 to 7/97

Jetstream Aircraft

(WFU from 7/97 to 12/98)

12/98 to 12/01

British World Airlines

3/02 to Pres

West Air Sweden/Luxembourg as SE-LHZ/LX-WAL


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