Viscount G-OHOT

Vickers 813 Viscount – c/n 349

With BAF/BWA from Dec 1989 to Feb 1994

Oscar Tango was the very last Viscount to join the BAF fleet. As former BMA stock, she had on occasion been seen at SEN during the early to mid-70s, flying the Southend to Jersey/Guernsey routes as G-AZLT (changed to G-BMAT in 1981). However, she came to BAF by way of Baltic, initially on lease until the latter collapsed after which ownership was transferred (see the ‘Hot Air/Baltic’ page for more on this). She eventually emerged from the hangar in her new BAF livery on December 5th 1989 and left for Manchester where she would be based, the following day. As with most Viscounts she was kept busy with the usual mix of charter and freight flights, making a passenger flight to Vienna in July 1990. It was at the end of October that she would be WFU for more than 1-1/2 years and sat at the rear of the airport without engines until eventually being reactivated again.

She resumed services in February ’92, although she would be confined mostly to cargo work, visiting Liverpool, Glasgow and Dublin during the early part of the year. In April 1993, she was one of the few Viscounts to continue operations with British World although she would never receive the new name nor the new livery. On 25th Feb 1994, she was en-route from Edinburgh to Coventry carrying freight when she experienced severe icing conditions which caused both inboard engines to flame out. The crew descended with the intention of diverting to Birmingham and eventually managed to restart the No. 2 engine, however, the outboard starboard engine then flamed out and the aircraft lost all electrical power. Being unable to maintain controlled flight, the Viscount crash landed into trees just outside Uttoxeter, tragically killing the captain, while the badly injured first officer thankfully survived. This was only the second fatality to affect this hierarchy of airlines, since the unfortunate landing incident involving Channel Air Bridge Carvair G-ARSF at Rotterdam in 1962.

Official AAIB Crash Report


History of G-OHOT

12/58 – 1/72

South African Airways as ZS-CDW

1/72 – 5/86

British Midland Airways as G-AZLT

(Re-reg as G-BMAT 3/81)

5/86 – 3/88

British Aerospace

3/88 – 2/89

Baltic Airlines

12/89 – 2/94

BAF (WFU from 10/90 to 2/92)


Crashed just outside Uttoxeter 25/2/94


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