Leased BAe 146s

Despite BAF having shown a significant interest in the BAe-146 during the early 1980s, this airline being the very first to run operational trials with the first production aircraft, it would be 10 years before another 146 joined the fleet. The first short-term arrival was taken on in the autumn of 1991 and was likely used as a temporary measure to bolster fleet capacity. However, the first of the long-term leases would not start until August 26th 1992 with G-BRAB joining the company to support BAC 1-11 operations out of Birmingham and Manchester and in doing so, she became only the second and the last 146 to carry BAF logos although this rather curious livery would be all white with titles that harked back to the ‘British’ livery that BAF’s aircraft had carried during the mid-80s. Sufficed to say, by the spring of 1993 this had been replaced with the ‘Leaping Lion’ livery.

Indeed, spring 1993 would see the arrival of the next lease, namely G-BTNU which went on to become the longest serving 146 in the fleet. Her duties would see her primarily operating out of Manchester to destinations in Central and Northern Europe, although she could occasionally be seen at Birmingham, Gatwick and Prestwick too. The third and final long-term lease came courtesy of G-BTZN which arrived in April 1994. However, after a short period of service with British World, she would be repainted in the livery of SABENA with whom she would be sub-leased to during the summer of 1994. Otherwise she would operate mostly from Stansted or Birmingham and flew a number of domestic or Irish routes, being seen in Scotland, Dublin and Shannon on several occasions, although in 1995 she would become a regular visitor to Palma too.


List of BAe 146s leased by BAF/British World

G-BRAB – 8/92 to 11/94

Sub-leased from Air UK

G-BTNU – 4/93 to 2/96

Leased from British Aerospace

G-BTZN – 4/94 to 1/97

Leased from Trident Aviation Leasing

G-OSUN – 10/91 to 11/91

Sub-leased from Capital Airlines

G-RJET – 9/92 to 10/92

Leased from British Aerospace


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