Viscount G-AMOE

Vickers 701 Viscount – c/n 17

With Channel from Mar 1964 to Jan 1965

While Channel Airways may have purchased this aircraft from BEA in March 1964, she was to see little in the way of service with the airline, this being reflected in the fact that despite almost a year of ownership, she was never actually painted in Channel’s own livery. Initially emerging in the later BEA livery although with the titles removed (as in the picture above) Oscar Echo went straight to British Eagle where she would remain on lease until the end of 1964. She finally flew back to SEN in December in a mixed Eagle/Starways livery, the latter of which she had been sub-leased to before her return. In the short time that she remained with Channel, it would appear that she stood idle until at least January 20th when she was sold on to Cambrian.


History of G-AMOE

7/53 – 3/64


3/64 – 1/65

Channel Airways

1/65 – 1/72

Cambrian Airways

1/72 – 4/77

TFR to Northeast Airlines and WFU for use as a cabin crew trainer.


Preserved at Lampton Pleasure Park but eventually B/U 3/93


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