Gill Airways

Operated from Jun 1989 to Sep 2001

Main Base – Newcastle

Founder/Director – Michael Gill

Gill Airways could trace its roots back to 1967 when it started out as Gill Aviation. At this time it primarily concerned itself with regional freight and postal flights for amongst others, the Royal Mail using a fleet of Piper twins. However, in 1987 it would finally begin to assemble a fleet of larger aircraft with the Short 330s and 360s being the preferred types for increasing their capacity on the cargo routes that they were at the time operating. Then almost two years later in March 1989, the company would finally branch out into the passenger sector. Moving into the ’90s, even larger equipment would be procured and by the mid-1990s, the airline had a mixture of ATR-42 and ATR-72 aircraft on its books, these latter aircraft subsequently replacing the company SD-330s.

As far as Southend was concerned, Gill would begin to frequent the airport from the early ’90s on irregular day and night freight flights while passenger services would not start until around 1995. In fact, it was one route alone that brought Gill to Southend, this being the long lived SEN – JER service which had been operating more or less uninterrupted since 1949. It would be left to the SH-360s and ATRs to operate this service and while British Airways Cityflyer would go on to take over operations in 1996, Gill’s aircraft would still occasionally turn up at SEN on the odd charter or possibly even as a replacement for B.A.s aircraft. As a somewhat curious footnote, the fuselages of two SD-360s (G-BLZT & G-RMCT) were temporarily stored at SEN until being transported on to Exeter and Leeds-Bradford respectively.


Gill Air fleet from 1991 to 1997

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have visited SEN have been listed)

Short SD-330

G-BIFH* – 9/91 to 4/95

Sub-leased from Fairflight Leasing

G-BIYG – 12/91 to 6/95

Sold to BAC Group Ltd

G-BIYH – 11/92 to 8/96

Sold to Streamline Aviation

G-BHHU* – 11/92 to 4/94

Sold to BAC Leasing

Short SD-360

G-BKZR – 6/94 to 8/94

Leased from Aeropartners Leasing

G-BLGE – 7/96 to 6/97

Leased from Labrador Airways

G-BNFB – 9/94 to 12/96

Sold to Blue Hills Aviation as VQ-TSK

G-BNFD – 7/94 to 1/95

Leased from Lynrise Ltd

G-BNMW – 7/95 to 11/95

Leased from Lynrise Ltd

G-BVMX*– 11/95 to 4/98

Leased from Lynrise Ltd

G-DASI*– 4/95 to 10/00

Leased from Air UK

G-OLAH – 4/91 to 6/01

Leased – Lessor unknown

G-SBAC*– 2/92 to 10/94

Leased from BAC Leasing

G-TBAC*– 10/92 to 3/94

Leased from BAC Leasing


G-BVJP – 4/94 to 9/01

Sold to Aeronautix Leasing

G-ORFH*– 12/93 to 9/01

Sold to Aeronautix Leasing


G-BWDA*– 6/95 to 9/01

Sold to Aeronautix Leasing

G-BWDB*– 6/95 to 9/01

Sold to Aeronautix Leasing


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