Streamline Aviation

Based at Southend from c.Jun 1990 to c.Feb 2003

Founders/Directors – David Thomas later Bernard & Kevin Haddican

Starting out in 1982 as Aero Services at East Midlands, this company reformed in 1990 as Streamline Aviation and the following year it was purchased by Bernard Haddican who moved the airline to what would become its main base, namely Exeter Airport. By late 1992, it had cast off its former business twins and had mainly become a small Bandeirante operator that had also previously opened a number of major bases around the UK, one of which was at Southend. Initially, its aircraft would come and go for engineering purposes only, although it wasn’t long before it began to operate freight and courier services to and from the airport, often in association with other companies or airlines. Sufficed to say, business thrived and by the mid-90s it had replaced its Bandits with larger Short SD-330 and SD-360 aircraft.

In January 1996, Streamline’s ties to Southend became stronger still when it bought up local airline Willow Air and gradually absorbed both its aircraft and operations into its own, although a number of these airframes continued to fly in the latter company’s livery until the summer. In the meantime an offshoot airline known as Air Tabernacle (see separate entry for more details) was started to maintain Willow Air’s former OCS contract, not to mention fly other ad-hoc freight charters and this where most of the ex-Willow aircraft would end up. From this point on Streamline boosted its own fleet further and by the turn of the century, this had been expanded to five aircraft, although this would be reduced to four in May 2000 when one of its Short SD-330s was involved in a ground collision at Charles De Gaulle.

However, the airline nevertheless continued to expand and eventually more than doubled in size when three more SD-360s arrived during 2000, while another three would be dispatched to R.F.S. Engineering from Sweden in 2001 where they would be converted into pure freighters. No doubt as a cost saving measure, only a tiny number of Streamline’s aircraft would bear titles or logos and as far as liveries were concerned, those of the aircraft’s former users were invariably retained. By the beginning of 2002, the company had been sold by the Haddicans and now found itself under the ownership of Emerald Airways. The airline would however, continue to operate under its own banner until the summer of 2003 when finally all operations were combined and the remaining aircraft were transferred over to Emerald.


Streamline Aviation fleet while based at SEN

(Please note that some of these aircraft may have been registered to associate company Freshleave Ltd)

Embraer Bandeirante

G-BHJZ – 9/92 to 12/94

Sold to Willow Air as G-OCSI

G-BNIX – 6/90 to 2/95

Sold to Willow Air

G-DORK – 2/94 to 2/95

Sold to Willow Air

G-OPPP – 1/91 to 9/94

Sold to Willow Air

Shorts SD-330

G-BIFH – 7/96 to 10/98

Reg as G-IOCS and TFR to Air Tabernacle – WFU at SEN 4/98 and DBF the following year

G-BIFK – 1/95 to 7/95

Leased from Fortis Aviation

G-BITW – 5/96 to 7/97

Leased from Figureapart Trading Ltd

G-BJLK – 11/93 to 6/96

Sold to Figureapart Trading Ltd

G-LEDN – 7/93 to 5/00

Re-reg as G-SSWN 3/00 – DBR in ground collision with an MD-83 while at CDG

G-SSWA – 12/99 to 7/03

TFR to Emerald Airways

G-SSWP – 3/98 to 7/03

Leased until 6/00 – TFR to Emerald Airways

G-SSWT – 6/98 to c.2/03

WFU and scrapped at SEN

G-SSWU – 2/99 to 9/99

DBR in ground collision at Luton

Short SD-360

G-BKZR – 9/92 to 9/93

Leased from Cityflyer Express

G-SSWB – 8/00 to 7/03

TFR to Emerald Airways

G-SSWC – 11/00 to 7/03

Leased from Short Bros – TFR to Emerald Airways

G-SSWE – 6/02 to 7/03

Leased from Short Bros – TFR to Emerald Airways

G-SSWM – 9/01 to 7/03

TFR to Emerald Airways

G-SSWO – 10/01 to 7/03

Leased from Short Bros – TFR to Emerald Airways

G-SSWR – 10/01 to 7/03

Leased from Short Bros – TFR to Emerald Airways

G-SSWX – 10/99 to 7/03

Leased from Short Bros – TFR to Emerald Airways and re-reg as G-JEMX

G-UBAC – 5/93 to 10/93

Leased from Short Bros

Britten Norman Trilander

G-OJAV -11/96 to 2/97

TFR to Air Tabernacle


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