Vickers 639 Viking 1 – c/n 133

With Tradair from May 1960 to Jul 1960

G-AHPC had the shortest tenure of all the Tradair Vikings, serving with the airline for just over two weeks and thus, she was never painted in Tradair’s livery. She was purchased from Hunting-Clan and flown from Heathrow to Southend on 15th May 1960, from where she flew her first service to Pisa five days later. Her last flight for the company took place on the 5th of June, flying a regular, scheduled service from Perpignan. Three days later she was sold to Air Safaris and delivered from Southend as a replacement for Viking G-AHOR which had previously been DBR landing at Tarbes on 29th May.


History of G-AHPC

9/49 to 11/46

Ministry of Civil Aviation

11/46 to 2/48


2/48 to 10/48

Field Aircraft Services Ltd

10/48 to 1/49

Hunting Clan

5/60 to 7/60


7/60 to 11/61

Air Safaris


Left to languish at Hurn after the collapse of Air Safaris. Finally B/U during 7/62


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