Emerald Airways

Operated from Sep 1993 to Aug 2006

Main Bases – Blackpool extended to Liverpool and Coventry

Founders/Directors – Andy & Hilary James

By the autumn of 1993, Jane’s Aviation (see separate entry) had relaunched itself as Emerald Airways while at the same time, it had more or less established itself as a single type (H.S.748) cargo operator. Its former name was dropped in due course so that it could more accurately reflect its close relationship with the ‘Emerald Isle’. Three more aircraft were added to the fleet the following year although these would require a good deal of attention before they could be put into service. By this time the airline had also begun flights to the Isle of Man, while ad-hoc passenger charters had been introduced too. Yet, despite the name change, Emerald would continue to maintain its relationship with SEN and bolstered it further still when it bought out Streamline Aviation which had previously taken over Willowair, both of which were at the time Southend based.

Later in 1996, three more airframes joined the airline which began a flurry of activity at SEN. These former Mount Cook H.S.748s all made their way to the airport either for maintenance and painting before leaving for Emerald. The year 1998, would also see things really hotting up again with the arrival of a further three aircraft and not long after their departure, the decision was taken to transfer all of the airline’s heavy engineering needs from Exeter to Southend. Despite, many aircraft arriving to take advantage of SEN’s facilities, it also witnessed the removal of some of its aircraft from service. One aircraft was given pre-delivery checks before being dispatched to South Africa while a former CAA aircraft sat for a while at the airport until being stripped of spares and scrapped, her conversion ultimately requiring too much work and too much money to get her operational.

Moving into 2000, the 748s continued to flow through SEN, although it was at this point that good replacements were becoming difficult to find and as such, Emerald scoured every corner of the planet in an attempt to source yet more machines. Indeed, such a search would bring aircraft from as far away as remote, Pacific islands with ex-Royal Tongan A3-MCA arriving at Southend toward the end of 2000 before heading off to Blackpool a few days later. Needless to say, the airline’s board eventually had to select a new type, doing so in November 2001 with the acquisition of two Short SD-360 aircraft of which more were added when the aforementioned Streamline was eventually merged with Emerald in 2003. However, operations were finally wound up in August 2006 after the CAA pulled its operating licence with many of its aircraft subsequently being sold off or transferred to its engineering division at Blackpool.


Emerald Airways fleet from 1993 to 2002

(N.B. Aircraft bought or leased after 2002 are beyond the scope of this website and are thus not included)

Hawker Siddeley H.S.748

G-ATMI – 8/92 to 7/01

DBR taking off from Blackpool 16/8/96 – WFU & B/U 7/01

G-ATMJ – 8/92 to 8/06

PWFU and B/U 6/09

G-AVXI – 10/98 to 10/01

NTU – PWFU at SEN 3/99 – B/U early 2002

G-AYIM – 6/94 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-AYYG – 8/96 – 12/06

Re-reg as G-OSOE 11/97 – TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-BEJD – 8/92 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-BEJE – 8/92 to 5/97

WFU & B/U at Manston

G-BEKE – 8/92 to 10/93

WFU & B/U at Speke

G-BGMN – 11/98 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-BGMO – 2/96 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-BIUV – 8/92 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-BPDA – 1/93 to 12/06

Re-reg as G-ORAL 8/99 – TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-BVOU – 6/94 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-BVOV – 6/94 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-DAAL – 3/94 to 3/97

WFU Blackpool 12/96 & B/U after 3/97

G-HDBD – 7/96 to 6/99

Re-reg as G-EMRD 10/96 – Sold to Executive Aerospace Ltd as ZS-PLO

G-OJEM – 3/96 to 6/98

DBR after engine fire at STN 31/3/98 – B/U 6/98

G-OPFW – 7/98 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-OTBA – 3/01 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

G-SOEI – 2/98 to 12/06

TFR to PTB Emerald (Engineering Div)

Short SD-360

G-OBHD – 11/01 to 11/06

Sold to ACL Aviation Support

G-ROND – 11/01 to 11/06

Sold to ACL Aviation Support


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