Viking G-AKTV1

Vickers 634 Viking 1B – c/n 208

With Tradair from May 1959 to Dec 1962

Along with G-AIXR, Tango Victor was one of two second batch Vikings that were acquired from Airwork, their purchase increasing Tradair’s fleet to seven aircraft. Delivered with a 32 seat cabin, these two aircraft were subsequently modified to carry 40 people. She went into service not long after her arrival at Southend and in her first year was rarely seen at the airport, spending much of her time flying charters from a number of other British airports. In 1960, she inaugurated the fortnightly Glasgow to Jersey route although she would also be available for other ad-hoc and I.T. charters as and when required. With the seasonal down turn taking place in October, she finally returned to Southend on the 26th where she sat idle for two months before resuming services with a flight to Exeter on December 21st.

However, she would not remain in service for long and after carrying out two flights on Christmas Eve to Basle and Zurich she was back at Southend where she was once again grounded until business began to pick up. In 1961, she was put to work flying Tradair’s extensive I.T. schedule from May to October before again being withdrawn for the winter. Her 1962 summer season began with the first flight of the year to Perpignan on April 10th 1962 and the first service to Maastricht on May 18th and once more, she spent the summer months plying her trade back and forth across the Channel. However, by October it was clear that Tradair was facing its impending demise and as such, Tango Victor flew her last revenue flight for the airline to Luxembourg on 17th October before being temporarily WFU until resuming services for her new owner in December 1962.


G-AKTV has a well documented history and was noted at:

Gatwick, Liverpool, Luxembourg and Manchester – 10/59

Hurn and Rotterdam – 11/59

Glasgow, Jersey and Rotterdam – 5/60

Perpignan – 6/60 (Pax)

Gothenburg – 7/60 (Pax)

Lyons – 10/60 (Pax)

Basle, Exeter and Zurich – 12/60

Perpignan and Rotterdam – 4/62 (Pax)

Maastricht – 5/62 (Pax)

Maastricht and Manchester – 6/62 (Pax)

Exeter and Gatwick – 10/62 (Cargo – Newspapers)

Luxembourg and Tarbes – 10/62 (Pax)

Stansted – 12/62 (Training)


History of G-AKTV

7/47 to 3/48

Aer Lingus as EI-ADF

3/48 to 5/59

Airwork Ltd as G-AKTV

5/59 to 12/62

Tradair Ltd

12/62 to 8/64

Channel Airways Ltd


WFU 9/63 and later scrapped at SEN during 8/64


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