Bristol 170 Freighter MkIIA – c/n 12741

With BUAF from Jan 1963 to Nov 1965

Unlike all of the other Bristol 170s in the Southend BUAF fleet that had been inherited from Air Charter/Channel Air Bridge, Juliet India came to BUAF as a result of the merger between CAB and Silver City. However, prior to her arrival she had mostly been operating freight flights rather than the usual car-ferry services and was primarily employed on oil contract work in Libya for Shell up until 1961. She was eventually WFU at Lydd in November 1963, although on May 27th of the following spring, she was despatched to Southend. Needless to say, she would do little in the way of work and stood for long periods outside the ATEL hangar, although she would still make the occasional trip, being seen at Squire’s Gate during August of this year. As 1964 drew to a close she continued to stand idle, no doubt as a result of her CoA having expired and was eventually WFU permanently in December. During the winter, she was towed to the dump at the rear of the airport where she would finally be scrapped in November 1965.


History of G-AHJI

10/46 to 2/49

Dalmia Jain as VT-CHK

2/49 to 12/50

The Bristol Aeroplane Co as G-AHJI

(Converted to Mk21E)

12/50 to 12/55

Air Atlas/Air Outremer as F-DABI

12/55 to 1/63

Silver City as G-AHJI

(Air Kruise leased 12/55 to 10/57)

1/63 to 11/65

TFR to British United Air Ferries


WFU Southend 12/64 and B/U 11/65


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