Lloyd International

Operated from May 1961 to Jun 1972

Main Base – Cambridge later Gatwick & Stansted

Founders/Directors – Brian Lloyd, Alistair MacLeod, J. Ortiz-Patino & Nicholas Mavroleon

To keep costs to a minimum, original set up plans for this fledgling airline involved attempts to seek out and buy a floundering airline that could then be rescued. However, the two British directors eventually managed to secure funding from two successful businessmen, namely J. Ortiz-Patino and Nicholas Mavroleon and thus this airline was instead established from the ground up. A single C-54 was initially acquired at the end of March 1961 and this was subsequently renovated at Cambridge before taking to the skies again in May, her sole remit (at least for the time being) revolving around little more than the transportation of maritime crews between the U.K. and the Far East.

Indeed, it was such work that would bring Lloyd to Southend and from May 1961, the ill fated G-ARLF would fly a number of these crew charters between SEN and Hong Kong until being destroyed by fire in a refuelling accident during October of this year. Further C-54s and a DC-4 were then either leased or purchased although it is unknown whether these aircraft continued this work from SEN. That being said, by 1965 Lloyd had returned to the airport, albeit with another type – the Bristol Britannia. These Britannias would become a regular sight at Southend, having become part of Aviation Trader’s Britannia Pool which offered financial contributors access to spares, parts and suitable maintenance facilities for these aircraft.


Lloyd International fleet from 1961 to 1972

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have been seen at SEN are listed below)

Douglas C-54/DC-4

G-APID – 10/61 to 3/62

Leased from Starways

G-ARKW – 5/62 to 6/65

Sold to IPEC Aviation

G-ARLF* – 3/61 to 10/61

DBF at Malaga in refuelling accident 8/10/61

G-ARWI – 3/62 to 12/68

Leased from Alaska Airlines – Bought 1/64 – Sold to Air Fret

Douglas DC-6

G-ASTW – 3/64 to 3/66

Sold to BIAS as OO-GER

Bristol Britannia

G-AOVP*– 4/65 to 7/73

Ex-B.O.A.C – ATEL cargo door conv 12/67 – WFU Stansted 6/72 – Sold to IAS Cargo

G-AOVS* – 7/65 to 12/73

Ex-B.O.A.C – WFU Stansted 8/72 – Sold to Aivex Holdings

G-APNA*– 10/67 to 3/69

Leased from Donaldson International

G-ANCD* – 1/69 to 7/73

Ex-BUA – WFU Stansted 6/72 – Sold to Shackleton Aviation

G-ANCE*– 2/69 to 6/73

Ex-BUA – WFU Stansted 6/72 – Sold to Monarch Airlines


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