Douglas DC-4-1009 – c/n 42951

With BAF from Jan 1973 to Feb 1974

In late 1972 having just Carvairs at its disposal, BAF made the decision to lease a small number of passenger aircraft to bolster its fleet for the 1973 summer season. Two DC-4s were also procured from Spanish airline Spantax (G-BANO and G-BANP) with G-BANP being the first to arrive at Southend via Stansted at the very end of January 1973. Due to licensing restrictions, BAF was still required to operate mixed cargo/passenger flights on some of their routes and as the Carvairs were restricted to a maximum of 65 passengers and it was initially believed that these two aircraft would provide BAF with a supplementary, passenger lifting capacity as and when required, pending the approval of the appropriate licences.

However, neither aircraft actually flew any revenue operations for BAF. While G-BANO remained mostly idle at Stansted and eventually found herself being broken up for spares, G-BANP would instead fly numerous short hops between Southend and Stansted. Whether this was a result of BAF not receiving licence approval or the demand for these aircraft simply not arising is unknown. Nevertheless by April, a former Channel Airways Viscount had been leased from Alidair to undertake seasonal flights along a number of short leases of DC-6 aircraft from airlines such as Delta Air Transport. However, November Papa would go on to spend some considerable time training Carvair crews at Southend, although in April, she suffered hydraulic failure forcing her to divert to Stansted where thankfully she landed safely.

By June, she was back on the market with a price tag of £20,000 attached to her and during the same month, she was handed over to Aviation Traders for engineering and maintenance work. During the latter half of 1973, it would appear that the only flying she would actually undertake would be a few more trips between Southend and Stansted. In January 1974, a buyer eventually came forward and this DC-4 was prepped for a long flight to South-East Asia where she was earmarked to join Laotian airline – Octavian Airways. After a final flight test on February 1st, she departed for Vientiane and was spotted arriving in Bangkok on the 20th. It is not known if she ever made it to Laos and it is highly likely that she was later scrapped.


History of G-BANP

5/46 to 4/62

Iberia as EC-DAO (later re-reg as EC-ACD)

4/62 to 1/73


1/73 to 2/74

British Air Ferries as G-BANP

2/74 to ?/??

Octavian Airways, Laos




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