Eastern Counties Aero Club

Operated from Jan 1981 to Mar 1991

Founder/Director – Capt. Dave Giles

Another stalwart of the eastern perimeter during the 1980s and early 1990s was Eastern Counties Aero Club, which allegedly began life in the former ATEL hangar before moving to what was previously the old Aviators Flight Centre. Run by Monarch Airlines Captain David Cyril Giles and a group of mostly Kiwi flight instructors, it was predominantly renowned for its small fleet of Victa Airtourers, all of which were eventually painted in Monarch yellow, although a small number of other types would be operated too. An associate company based at Luton was also part of Capt. Giles’ organisation, this flying school being known as the Monarch Flying Club.


Eastern Counties Airtourer Formation Flying from SEN


Eastern Counties fleet

Piper PA-28

G-BJRY – 6/83 to 1/90

Sold to Routair

Victa Airtourer

G-ATEX – 10/81 to 11/85

Sold to Graham Malan

G-ATHT – 1/81 to 10/84

Sold to William Hunt

G-ATJC – 5/82 to 3/91

Sold to Aviation West Ltd

G-AZHT – 4/81 to 3/91

Sold to Aviation West Ltd


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