Den Air/Cab Air

Operated from Nov 1995 to c.Nov 1999

Founder/Director – Dennis G. Kipling

Another flight club to set up shop in the former Aviator’s Flight Centre on the eastern perimeter was Den Air and its later incarnation Cab Air. Somewhat curiously, two of its aircraft were seemingly passed down through former flying clubs Matthew’s Air Training Services and then Meganair, although whether these clubs were in any way related to each other is unknown. Either way, the club offered the usual flight training ranging from introductory lesson to PPL and instrument to night training or jet training in its two-seat Jet Provost. Otherwise, very little is known about this company.


Den Air/Cab Air fleet

Cessna 150

G-ATZZ – 11/95 to 10/99

Re-reg as G-DENB 12/95 – Sold to Plane Talking Ltd

G-AVAP – 2/93 to 10/99

Re-reg as G-DENC 12/95 – Sold to Plane Talking Ltd

G-AVEO – 11/95 to 10/99

Re-reg as G-DENA 12/95 – Sold to Plane Talking Ltd

G-WAFC – 7/96 to 10/99

Re-reg as G-DEND 6/97 – Sold to Plane Talking Ltd

Piper PA-28

G-DENE – 2/98 to 2/00

Sold to Avon Aviation Ltd

Hunting Jet Provost T.5

G-BWSG – 8/97 to 8/00

Sold & moved to Jersey


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