Direct Helicopters/Hecray Co.Ltd.

Operated from Jun 1986 to Mid-2000s

Founder/Director – Raymond, Karl & Darren Flowers

Hecray Company Ltd can trace its history back to April 1971, the company at the time solely concerning itself with the construction of commercial buildings and civil engineering projects. However, during the summer of 1986 Hecray began to acquire a small number of helicopters which would be based at Southend from where it is believed they were employed primarily on company business. Whether Hecray itself ever carried out charter, taxi or other commercial services is unknown although by January 1995, subsidiary Direct Helicopters had been set up to carry out such services plus flight training from the former Aviator’s Flight Centre that once stood at the end of the eastern perimeter road.

The helicopter of choice for the company was the Bell 206 Jet Ranger although a few other types were used including a single fixed wing aircraft. Hecray’s earliest equipment was mostly derived from the Helicopter Hire fleet while later on, other machines would be leased in. The company’s demise however is something of an enigma. While Hecray still exists to this very day, an application for the striking off of Direct Helicopters was submitted to Companies House in December 2001, although it is believed that this concern continued in some form up until the mid-2000s. If you have any further information about this then please let us know on

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Hecray/Direct Helicopters fleet

Augusta Bell 206 Jet Ranger

G-HRAY – 4/86 to 12/97

Sold to Aeromega Ltd

Bell 206 Jet Ranger

G-BBCA – 6/86 to 8/89

Sold to Wood Hall Helicopters Ltd

G-BBUY – 6/86 to 6/88

Sold to Mightycraft Ltd

G-BTFY – ?/02 to 1/03

Leased – Crashed & W/O near Biggin Hill 17/1/03

G-KFDF – 3/88 to 8/90

Sold to Chiltern Hunt Aviation as G-CHAT

Robinson R22

G-CRAY – 1/89 to 11/92

Sold to W.H. Grimshaw

Gulfstream AA-5

G-OSSF – 1/01 to 8/05

Sold to the Burnett Group Ltd

Cessna 172

G-BNXD – 12/01 to 02/06

Sold to private owner


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