Clewer Aviation

Has Operated from Mar 1991 to Present

Founders/Directors – Michael J.A. & Andrea V. Hornblower

Clewer Aviation was founded in Aberdeen, Scotland in November 1990 and was set up to deal with aircraft sales and leasing, their main interest revolving around one particular type, namely the H.S.(Avro) 748 which this company went on to procure a good number of. It purchased its first aircraft in March 1991 and during the following year, Clewer started to use Southend as a base, where it stored a number of its aircraft while continuing its sales services and also carrying out minor engineering work. Needless to say, this company would become instrumental in helping other airlines with attachments to SEN to acquire equipment, one particular case being that of Emerald Airways. While outside of the scope of this website, of interest are three former RAAF 748s that were purchased for spares in 2005 with two of the shells (VH-AML & VH-AMQ) later being sold on to a local hotel on Aviation Way, behind which they still stand in a rather dilapidated state to this very day.


Clewer Aviation fleet

Hawker Siddeley H.S.748

G-ARRW – 1/92 to 11/92

Reg-re as G-MRRV 2/92 – Sold to Necon Air as 9N-ACM

G-AYYG – 8/96 to 11/96

Purchased as ZK-MCF – Sold to Emerald Airways

G-BKAL – 7/94 to 5/95

Sold to Necon Air as 9N-ADF but NTU – Sold to Mount Cook Airlines as ZK-MCH

G-BOHY – 6/94 to 10/94

Sold to Necon Air as 9N-ADE

G-BPNK – 11/92 to 5/93

Re-reg as G-BURJ 12/92 – Sold to Necon Air as 9N-ACP

G-FBMV – 1/91 to 9/92

Re-reg to G-ERMV 3/92 – Sold to Necon Air as 9N-ACH

G-OTBA – 12/00

Purchased as A3-MCA – Sold to Emerald Airways

G-SOEI – 2/98

Purchased as ZK-DES – Sold to Emerald Airways


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