Surrey F S DC-3 G-AMSR

Douglas DC-3C Dakota – c/n 14799

With Air Charter from Dec 1952 to Jun 1954

With the acquisition of Air Charter by Freddie Laker in 1951 came another subsidiary airline which had been purchased by ACL’s previous owner several months earlier. This airline was Surrey Flying Services which at the time had an assorted fleet of Yorks and Tudors along with a single DC-3 and a Dragon Rapide. The larger aircraft were dispatched to Stansted, while the two smaller craft would ultimately end up at Southend. For several months during 1952, this DC-3 would continue to fly under its old Surrey Flying Services name, although the aircraft itself would carry Air Charter titling and logos. Eventually at the end of 1952, what remained of Surrey was absorbed completely into ACL and the DC-3 would instead carry out all future services for its owner. As such, the aircraft would operate infrequently on company business and spend some time in Germany flying on a government contract between Berlin and Hamburg in support of ACL’s Bristol Freighter until finally being disposed of in June 1954.


History of G-AMSR

10/44 to 5/52

Royal Air Force (as C47B-10-DK – KJ952)

5/52 to 12/52

Surrey Flying Services

(Operated by Air Charter)

12/52 to 6/54

Air Charter Ltd

6/54 to 7/54

R.C Cox

7/54 to 6/65

Wenela Air Services as ZS-DJZ

6/65 to 12/78

Suidwes Lugdiens Beperk

12/78 to 4/83


4/83 to 7/94


7/94 to 4/12

Airumbria as CZ-AZL

4/12 to Present

Volandia Aviation Museum as ‘I-RAGF’


Preserved at the Volandia Aviation Museum, near Milan Airport, Italy


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