Below you will find a list of companies or organisations that were known to exist at SEN and yet for one reason or another, I can find little to no info about them. Needless to say, if you can provide any further details, then please do not hesitate to contact us on saadinfomail@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to migrate the relevant company to its own page and quite naturally apply the requisite credits. It goes without saying that pictures are also very welcome too.


Aviation Values Co. Ltd.

Operated from c.1974 to c.1975

Founder/Director – Unknown

Next to nothing is known about this company or its function with the exception of the fact that it was based in Southchurch Road and had a single aircraft to its name.

Aviation Values fleet

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

G-BAWN – 6/74 to 4/75

Sold to M.T. Furstenburg


Belfairs Model Aero Club

Operated from c.1947 to c.1948

Founder/Director – Unknown

Little is known about this short lived club which operated from a small Nissan hut on the airport grounds. However, it is believed that during its short tenure, it held several competitions with control line guided model aircraft.


Kit Aviation Club

Operated from 1992 to Unknown

Founders/Directors – Mr. D.N. Garlick & Mr. S.C. Pattenden

Another small club which operated a SOCATA Tampico from the eastern perimeter. While the aircraft itself was registered to the club until the end of 1994 it remained with the club’s founders until the mid-2000s.

Kit Aviation Club fleet

SOCATA TB.9 Tampico

G-BKIT – 04/92 to Unknown

Sold to Cavendish Aviation


Lyster Aviation

Operated from c.1978 to Unknown

Founder/Director – Unknown

Exact occupation unknown but this company seemed to busy itself with producing home build aircraft and converting VW Beetle engines for use in such airframes.


Matthews Air Training Services

Operated from Jun 1990 to May 1993

Founder/Director – Mr. Howard Irving Matthews

Operated a small flying club and training school from the eastern perimeter.

Matthews Air Training Services Fleet

Cessna 150

G-ATZZ – 6/90 to 5/93

Sold to Megan Clarke

G-AVEO – 6/90 to 5/93

Sold to Megan Clarke

Piper PA-28

G-ATOS – 11/90 to 11/92

Sold to Esmail Alexander



Operated from May 1993 to Nov 1995

Founder/Director – Megan Clarke

Operated a small flying club from the eastern perimeter. Took over both of MATS Cessna 150s and may have had some form of association with this club.

Meganair fleet

Cessna 150

G-ATZZ – 5/93 to 11/95

Sold to Dennis Kipling

G-AVEO – 5/93 to 11/95

Sold to Dennis Kipling


November Oscar Flying Group

Operated from 1990s to Unknown

Trustee – Mr. A. Cornell

This group seemingly operated a single PA-28 from the eastern perimeter for an undetermined period of time. Little else is known about it.

November Oscar Flying Group fleet

Piper PA-28

G-AVNO – Unk. to Unk.


Portcullis Motors

Operated from Unknown to Unknown

Founder/Director – H.M. Customs (Southend)

Likely operated sometime during the 1950s and possibly into the 1960s. Set up with the intention of giving idle customs officers responsible for the military Waterguard inspections something to do during the quieter, winter periods. As such, minor vehicle repairs and servicing would be carried out within the car ferry vehicle inspection shed.


Southend Photographic Club

Operated from Unknown to Unknown

Founders/Secretaries – Air Britain/R.S. Thomas & R.C. Pearson

This was a membership only club, tasked with the both the taking and sharing of photos and registrations at SEN with other like minded members. This club also sought to promote the airport and its operations.

Southend Airport Spotters Club

Operated from Unknown to Unknown

Founder/Director – Southend Municipal Airport

While not officially a club as such, the airport would issue its members with a permit that allowed them to loiter on the viewing deck and in the public areas for the purpose of aircraft spotting. That being said, rumours do persist of an actual club maintaining a brief existence within the external customs building some time during the 1970s.


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