Operated from c.1986 to Feb 1992

Founder/Director – Unknown

While this company’s roots go back as early as June 1979, little is known about its operations until it opened a facility in bays 3 & 4 of the Britavia hangar at Southend around 1986. As the name suggests, this company’s main remit was that of aircraft refurbishment which would for the most involve aircraft refinishing, although cabin interior overhauls and V.I.P. conversions were on occasion, carried out too. Sufficed to say, this company encouraged what would increasingly become an ever growing number of jet airliner visits to what was then, a relatively quiet Southend while WWII types would also make themselves evident with a handful of B-17s arriving during the summer of 1989 for refinishing before rumbling out of the airport to join the production team of the 1990 film Memphis Belle.

Some of the more common aircraft to visit this company included BAC 1-11s and Boeing 727s, from airlines wide and far such as Nigerian Okada Air and Icelandair, while rarer visits would include MD-83s, B737s and possibly even the odd B707. Smaller types were dealt with too with a number of Shorts ‘sheds’, Dash-7s and even the odd DC-6 passing through. However, ultimately this company’s tenure at SEN was to be rather short lived and in February 1992, an extraordinary resolution to wind up had been filed. It is unknown if this company was related in any way to Refurbishair (Cambridge) and Refurbishair (Norwich) which were also operating just after the turn of the ’90s.


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