Has Operated from Feb 1962 to Present

Main Base – Glasgow

Founder/Director – Capt. Duncan McIntosh OBE & Willie Logan

While the origins of this airline hark back to 1961, what was a single twin equipped, air taxi business finally found itself being bought up by David Logan Contractors Ltd and was then subsequently relaunched as Loganair. Its initial remit would mostly revolve around continuing air taxi ops with a slightly larger fleet of biz props, although this work was invariably carried out on behalf of the company’s construction executives who needed to move from site to site. The next phase of this company’s undertakings would see it carrying out a number of various operations for the British Army in Scotland while as the ’60s progressed, the airline would increasingly move into freight (newspapers) and passenger operations, the latter re-establishing a number of minor yet vital routes to and between the Orkneys and by 1970, flights to the Shetlands were also being operated.

Oil flights and trans-Scottish routes were then added into the mix during the 1970s while a Manchester – Edinburgh service would also become part of its operations from late 1983 onward, this being flown with a new type for the airline, a Fokker F-27. It was this route in particular which would begin a somewhat tenuous although long-lived relationship with SEN when in January 1984, BAF’s very own Viscount G-AOHM was dispatched to fly this route until May while the F-27 was being overhauled. It wouldn’t actually be until around 1987 that Loganair began to establish a more solid relationship with the airport with its SD-360s and BAe 146s turning up every now and then to fly the Southend – Jersey service. While services were quite irregular, Loganair operations to SEN continue to this very day in association with Flybe.


Loganair fleet from 1984 to 2002

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have been seen at SEN are listed)

Britten-Norman Islander

G-BJOP* – 9/84 to 1/10

Sold to Hebridean Air Services

G-BOMG – 7/01 to 3/05

Crashed landing at Campbelltown Airport in bad weather 15/3/05

Embraer Bandeirante

G-BHHA – 4/80 to 9/84

Sold to PBA as N59PB

G-BIBE – 1/85 to 11/85

Sold to Jersey European Airways

Short SD-360

G-BKMX – 3/83 to 1/98

TFR to British Regional Airlines

G-BLGB – 3/84 to 1/98

TFR to British Regional Airlines

G-BLPV – 7/92 to 7/93

Leased from Short Aircraft Financing

G-BMAR* – 10/86 to 5/94

Leased from Short Brothers

G-BMHX* – 11/88 to 8/96

Leased from British Midland Airways

G-BMLC – 4/86 to 3/96

Leased from British Midland Airways

G-BNMT – 10/98 to 2/01

Crashed into Firth of Forth 27/2/01

G-BNMU – 10/98 to 12/02

Leased from Lynrise Air Lease

G-BNMW – 7/99 to 7/01

Leased from Lynrise Air Lease

G-BNYI – 4/01 to 7/03

Leased from Gill Airways

G-BPFN – 8/98 to 5/03

Leased from Lynrise Air Lease

G-BVMY – 11/95 to 1/97

Leased from City Flyer Express

G-BWMZ – 11/94 to 12/95

Leased from GPA Group

G-ISLE – 12/94 to 1/97

TFR to British Regional Airlines

G-LEGS* – 12/94 to 1/99

Leased from BAC Leasing

G-RMSS – 8/86 to 2/87

Leased from Short Brothers

G-WACK – 1/98 to 1/99

Leased from Jetfleet Management Corp

Vickers Viscount

G-AOHM* – 1/84 to 5/84

Leased from BAF

BAe 146

G-OLCA* – 7/88 to 3/93

Sold to Jersey European Airways

G-OLCB* – 5/89 to 3/93

Sold to Jersey European Airways


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