Trygon Aviation Ltd

Has Operated from Jul 1986 to Present

Founders/Directors – Christine Anne Hyde & Henry Arthur Hyde

It would be the buying and selling of complete airframes and parts that Trygon Ltd would primarily concern itself with. While details about this company (despite its longevity) are quite sketchy, it is seemingly not averse to trading any aircraft or aircraft spares from its headquarters in Great Wakering which was clearly evident by its sale of 4 x Rolls Royce RB-211 engines in 1988. This company would also seemingly act as a sales agent too, being instrumental in the sale of A.W.660 Argosy T.2 N1430Z between two museums in the U.S. namely the Museum of Flying and the Milestones of Flight Museum where she still resides to this day. Around 2002, it would appear that this company was re-established at a London head office under the name of Trygon Aviation Ltd.

However, as far as this company’s SEN exploits were concerned, with Clive Wren going into retirement at the end of the 1990s, Trygon subsequently took the opportunity to take over Routair’s hangar and effects after which they would regularly fly an assortment of ageing turboprops into SEN, most of which would then be reduced to spares by their breaking wing AERS for resale. Needless to say, a small number of airframes would gain a temporary reprieve, these invariably being sold on to airlines in the developing world. Trygon still remains at Southend to this very day, although now mostly breaks jets such as BAe 146s. That being said, this company’s hangar/site has been up for sale for some time and its future plans as far as SEN is concerned remain unknown.

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Trygon Ltd fleet from 1986 to 2002

Handley Page Herald

G-BEYK – 8/97 to 2/98

WFU at SEN & B/U

Fairchild F-27

3C-QQA – 6/00 to 9/01

Sold to Aerolineas Sosa as HR-ASR

3C-QQB – 6/00 to 8/00

WFU at SEN & B/U 31/8/00

Fokker F-27

3C-AWW – 12/99 to 9/00

WFU at SEN & B/U

3C-QSB – 8/02 to 2/06

WFU at SEN & B/U

(Fuselage section now resides at Mayhem Paintball Centre, Essex next to the cockpit of Viscount G-AOHL)

3C-QSC – 8/02 to 6/06

WFU at SEN & B/U

3C-QSJ – 10/02 to 3/08

Stored at Dinard – Sold to Aerospace Trust Management


9U-BHP – 5/01 to 11/01

DBR by fire at SEN 3/11/01


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