Air Livery

Has Operated from Mid-1992 to Present

Founders/Directors – Robert A. Foster, Linda M. Foster & Robert L. Gay

This company initially started life at Southend Airport in August 1991 as Capeldove Ltd. However, within a month it had become Air Livery PLC although it would seem that operations did not begin in earnest until the summer of 1992. In 2007, Air Livery took over another refinishing company based at Norwich known as Sprayavia and subsequently relocated its head office to this location although it continued to maintain a presence at SEN. Over the years it has grown to become one of the world’s premier aircraft refinishing companies which now has several facilities dotted around Britain, while its two continental bases are located at Chateauroux, France and Bratislava, Slovakia. One further base is located in India, this belonging to major shareholder Air Works Engineering.

As far as the company’s founding at SEN was concerned, it would appear that Air Livery effectively took over the refinishing baton from Refurbishair which had closed down some months earlier. Needless to say, over the years this company has brought many aircraft up to 707 size to SEN, including the first of a number of types (B757 & A320). Most of these aircraft were painted in ‘Hangar 6’ although ‘Hangar 5’ would be used from time to time too. By the turn of the century (around 2002) Air Livery had relocated to the north side of the airport where it took over the former S.M.A.C. hangar, this being capable of handling aircraft up to Airbus 320/Boeing 737 size. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed this structure in 2017 although a new hangar has now been built to replace it.

Robin J. Pinnock’s video of Boeing 707s at Air Livery

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