Vickers 806 Viscount – c/n 261

With BAF from 2/84 to 2/93

While this Viscount may have remained with BAF for 9 years, she would only serve for three of them. High on hours on arrival (just over 39,000), theviscount-g-aoyl-jersey intention was to no doubt put her into service for a short while, after which, she would be WFU so that she could continue to do her bit keeping the other Viscounts flying. She was never leased out during her short tenure, although she was noticed, painted in Jersey Airlines colours during mid-1984; however, nothing subsequently came of this. Needless to say, she could be seen flying mostly passenger charters to the Channel Islands and the near Continent from a good number of British airports between 1984 and ’85, being seen at Gatwick, Manchester, Coventry, East Midlands, Newcastle and Glasgow.

The year 1986 would witness Yankee Lima heading north for much of the year departing in April to Aberdeen where she would stand in on the BAF oil Viscount G-AOYLcontract over the summer. However, normal charter work would eventually resume and by the end of August, she was seen hauling passengers to Nuremburg and later to Shannon in October. Her final year of service would see her mostly plying the Jersey/Guernsey routes from almost a dozen British airports, these flights having now become the backbone of BAF’s passenger services. However, with the summer over, she would be permanently withdrawn during September 1987 and would eventually be towed to the rear of the airport where she would be placed alongside G-AOHT and G-BNAA (both of which had been withdrawn a few months earlier).

It was here that they would remain with all three aircraft being slowly dismantled for what was becoming, an ever dwindling supply of parts. By theG-AOYL scrap early 90s, she was devoid of a vertical stabiliser (which went to G-BBDK) and had had a large hole cut in her side. With this aircraft becoming something of an eyesore and ultimately being of no further use to her owner, the scrap man was eventually called in during Feb ’93. Her cockpit did hang on a little longer at Hanningfield Metals where most of BAF’s scrapped Viscounts eventually ended up. Hanningfield’s had a tendency to retain the cockpits, hoping to sell them on to aviation enthusiasts or museums. However, by the mid to late 90s, it became apparent that this (along with several other, Viscount cockpits) had faced the axe too.


History of G-AOYL

2/58 to 5/68


5/68 to 11/70


11/70 to 4/74

Northeast Airlines

4/74 to 1/84

British Airways (TFR)

1/84 to 2/93



WFU at SEN 9/87 – B/U 2/93


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