Viscount G-AOYO

Vickers 806 Viscount – c/n 264

With BAF from Feb 1984 to Nov 1985

Much like her sister ship G-AOYM, Yankee Oscar had a rather short and unremarkable career with BAF, although unlike her stable mate, she was never leased and spent most of her time flying for her owner on passenger flights around the UK, being seen at Newcastle, Coventry, Manchester and in Dublin during 1984. As with several other BAF Viscounts, YO was a regular visitor to Scotland where she was employed for a while on oil contract flights, being spotted on many an occasion plying her trade at Aberdeen (where the picture above was taken). However, towards the end of 1985, she would be one of two Viscounts put out to tender for LAC of Tenerife, an airline that eventually became the new owner of both YM and YO.

For a short while these two Viscounts could be seen parked up on the northern apron at Southend in LAC colours. Viscount YM departed in October 1985 while YO would follow her one month later. As with YM (EC-DXU), rumours began to spread around SEN in late ’89 of the imminent return of these two aircraft. Having already reduced several Viscounts to spare parts, Viscount EC-DXUBAF was in need of more reserves to keep the existing fleet airborne, although in the end, nothing came of it, possibly as a result of Southend airline ‘Baltic’ going into administration in the same year, which resulted in three Viscounts becoming available for parts and spares. As with YM, YO was WFU in May 1989 and was destined never to fly again, no doubt as a result of the same, although less pressing problem that BAF was facing – that of plentiful spares. She was left to stand at Tenerife North where she remained until being offering to a technical college for the instruction of budding aircraft engineers in 2007. While she is still remains one piece, the salty sea air that prevails over much of the island seems to have taken its toll and as a result, the aircraft itself is now in very poor condition. Along with G-APIM, G-AZNA and G-AVJB, YO is one of only four complete, ex-BAF Viscounts left in Europe.


History of G-AOYO

4/58 to 5/68


5/68 to 11/70


11/70 to 4/74

Northeast Airlines

4/74 to 2/84

British Airways (TFR)

2/84 to 11/85


11/85 to 9/11

Lineas Aereas Canarias as EC-DXU

9/11 to Present

CETAC – Canaries Central Training College


WFU at North Tenerife 5/89 – Currently used as a ground instructional airframe for engineering trainees


Aircraft still extant at Tenerife North Airport as of 2016.


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