Viscount G-AOYM

Vickers 806 Viscount – c/n 262

With BAF from Jan 1984 to Oct 1985

Given Name – ‘Viscount Westminster’

If one Viscount holds the record for the shortest period of service with BAF, then it would have to be Yankee Mike. Arriving with the second batch of Viscounts in 1984, she only served with the airline for a year and during this time was seen flying mostly passenger flights to Jersey and Basle fromlac-visc-ec-dyc airports such as Manchester, Gatwick, Liverpool and Coventry, while the odd charter would be made to Dublin too. In February 1985, she would be leased to Manx Airlines on their Isle of Man services and would not return to BAF again until October of the same year. However, within a month, both her and her sister ship G-AOYO had been sold on to Spanish airline LAC in Tenerife. Both aircraft were painted in the this livery at Southend and could for a short time, be seen parked up on the northern apron. However, by the end of the year they were both gone, along with a load of spares which would tide these aircraft over for the next year or so.

Then, in late 1989 rumours started to fly about at Southend that BAF were considering the repurchase of these aircraft for spares. Both aircraft had been withdrawn from service in May of the same year as LAC were finding it increasingly difficult to keep these ageing aircraft in the air. Talk persisted of them being flown back to Southend with their undercarriage down but in the end, nothing came of it and these aircraft seemed destined never to return. G-AOYM (EC-DYC) was eventually broken up with the fuselage being put to use as a restaurant cum nightclub. However as of 2016, it appears that what remained of this aircraft has now been scrapped too.


History of G-AOYM

3/58 – 11/71


11/71 – 4/74

Cambrian Airways

4/74 to 2/84

British Airways (TFR)

2/84 – 10/85


10/85 – 5/89

Lineas Aereas Canarias as EC-DYC


WFU at Tenerife North 5/89 and reduced to spares. The fuselage was spared, but this has now more than likely been B/U too.


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