Vickers 806 Viscount – c/n 311

With BAF as G-AOYH from Feb 1982 to Jul 1983

With BAF as G-BNAA from Aug 1985 to Jul 1991

Given Names – ‘Jeremy’, ‘Viscount Rotterdam’ and ‘Viscount Southampton’

While most of BAF’s first batch of Viscounts had arrived at SEN during 1981, British Airways’ very first 806 series aircraft Yankee Hotel would be a late arrival. Also, unlike the other Viscounts that preceded her, she was never stored at Rhoose and had instead continued to operate with British Airways up until March 1982 when she was sold directly to BAF. She retained her BA colours although the tail logo of Air Algerie would quickly replace the red flash on the aircraft’s rudder and she flew off to North Africa on lease at the beginning of April, finally arriving back at Southend during the last week of June.

On her return, she was painted up in the reverse bee livery and then given a low density, 36 seat VIP interior which included two lounges (one forward and one aft), former first class seating which had also been purchased from BA while the cabin crew would provide silver service catering. As such, she was unique among BAF Viscounts, with only BAF Heralds G-BDFE and G-BDZV having been fitted out in a similar manner several years previously. In March 1983, she was chartered to fly executive flights for BMW management and clients to various corporate events, this ending in July 1983 after which the aircraft was almost immediately sold on to North Cariboo in Canada.

Two years later, G-AOYH was back in BAF ownership, although this time as G-BNAA, her registration having been changed by her previous owner Euroair. One of her first flights took her to Coventry where she was seen in her previous owners colours which she would continue to fly in until Viscount G-BNAAFebruary 1986 when finally, she was given the ‘British’ BAF livery. During 1987, she was used on BAF’s Southampton to Jersey/Manchester routes and as such, took on the short lived name of ‘Viscount Southampton’. One of her last flights would witness her operating from Birmingham at the beginning of May after which, she returned to SEN and sat idle there, ultimately destined, never to fly again. She was eventually towed to the rear of Southend Airport and placed with G-AOYL and G-LOND until finally being scrapped in July 1991, although as with many other, former BAF Viscounts, her cockpit remained at Hanningfield’s scrap yard until being disposed of some time between 1994 and 1995.


History of G-AOYH/G-BNAA

12/57 to 7/68


7/68 to 11/70


11/70 to 4/74

Northeast Airlines

4/74 to 2/82

British Airways (TFR)

2/82 to 7/83


7/83 to 3/85

North Cariboo Airways as C-GWPY

3/85 to 8/85

Euroair as G-BNAA

8/85 to 5/87



WFU at SEN 5/87 and later B/U 7/91


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