Viscount G-AVJB

Vickers 815 Viscount – c/n 375

With BAF from Oct 1981 to May 1986

Juliet Bravo had quite a chequered history, both before and after she ended up with BAF. Being an 810 series Viscount, she didn’t really fit in with the 802/806 crowd, having uprated engines and slightly different avionics to the earlier aircraft. Nevertheless, only three weeks after delivery, she went into service flying on the SEN-GTW-JER route and continued to work this service and other scheduled passenger flights to and from the East Midlands, Dublin and Coventry to continental destinations such as Basle and Dusseldorf. In October 1983, she was finally withdrawn from service at Castle Donington Airport where she would remain for another 2-1/2 years. However, this was not to be the last that SEN would see of JB. In 1986, she was purchased by a Swedish company who had her flown back to SEN for servicing and maintenance during May of that year.

It was then that ‘Baltic’ came into being with Sean T Hulley offering his technical services although at this time, this fledgling airline was still a Swedish concern and would only become a SEN based airline two years later in 1988. By October of the same year, JB looked resplendent as SE-IVY Viscount SE-IVYin her new Baltic colours and on 3rd November 1986, she left SEN for the chillier climes of Malmö and would ultimately play no part in the later British run Hot Air/Baltic concern. Nevertheless, she would return on lease to BAF for one month during April 1988 and would continue to infrequently fly services between Sweden and the UK. With this Swedish business eventually going into administration in April 1989, the aircraft would sit idle at SEN for several months until eventually being returned to Sweden by the receivers. Needless to say, the aircraft would never fly again and it stood idle at Sturup for a couple of years before finally being sold off to the High Chaperral Theme Park in Kulltorp, Sweden where she has been on display ever since, although she has suffered some fire damage due to an arson attack that took place in 2006.


History of G-AVJB

8/59 to 7/64

Pakistan International Airways as AP-AJF

7/64 to 5/69

Hawker Siddeley Aviation as G-AVJB (Re-reg 3/67)

5/69 to 12/76

British Midland Airways

(Leased to Nigeria Airways, Kestrel International and British Airways during this time)

12/76 to 10/81

Intra Airways/Jersey European (from 10/79)

10/81 to 5/86


(Stored at Castle Donington from 10/83 to 5/86)

5/86 to 5/89

SADCO/Baltic as SE-IVY

5/89 to 6/92


6/92 to Present

High Chapperal Theme Park


Still extant at High Chaperral Theme Park, Kulltorp, Sweden although having previously been damaged by a fire, it is believed to be in a very poor state.


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