Kondair Cargo

Operated from c.Mar 1977 to Apr 1989

Base – Stansted

Founder/Owner – Unknown

Another small, regular visitor was Kondair Cargo which started life as an operator of Cessna and Piper twins. These aircraft were primarily used for air taxi, air ambulance and light freight charters. However by the early 1980s, Kondair had purchased the first of what would eventually evolve into a fleet of four Trislanders which were put to work servicing a number of short range freight routes between the U.K. and the near Continent (Holland & Belgium in particular). Two further aircraft were procured, namely a Cessna 404 and a Fokker F-27, the latter being used solely on the Luton-Maastricht route on behalf of XP Express Parcel Systems.

While small in size, this airline certainly courted a fair amount of controversy during the 12 years that it operated for with one aircraft (G-BCCU) almost ending up in the North Sea due to the pilot nodding off. Thankfully he escaped with Poseidon demanding little more than the right main landing gear which had been summarily torn from the aircraft although it went on to make a safe landing at Stansted. Another (G-BDOS) was struck by a ‘UFO’ which was later found to be a Motorola walkie-talkie that a member of the ground crew had inadvertently¬† left in one of the aircraft’s vents. Sadly, this very same aircraft would be lost in a fatal accident while attempting to land at Schiphol where it encountered severe windshear during the approach phase.

It was around 1982 that Kondair first started putting in an appearance at Southend with at least three of its Trislanders and its Titan showing up from this point onwards. Then in 1987, having received permission from the authorities to open a route between Southend and Maastricht, G-BCCU was dispatched to SEN where she would remain based until the end of 1988.  However, this airline was not to last for much longer and in April the following year it was bought out by TNT who absorbed its operations into their own. As a footnote РG-BCCU would return one final time in February 1992 for painting having been leased to the Israeli Canari Airlines by her new owner Cormack A/S.

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Kondair Cargo fleet from 1982-1988

Britten-Norman BN-2A Trislander

G-BCCU* – 6/85 to 2/89

Sold to Cormack Aircraft Services

G-BDOS* – 4/82 to 4/89

Sold to Jane’s Aviation as G-OJAV

G-BDTP – 6/85 to 9/86

Crashed due to windshear on approach to Schiphol 14/9/86

G-BEFP* – 9/86 to 6/89

Sold to Air Sarnia

Cessna 404 Titan

G-RUSH* – 1/83 to 4/89

Sold in Kenya


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