Avro 685 York

Aviation Traders had a great deal of experience with the Avro York, this aircraft being the first, large commercial type to be used by sister company Air Charter. As such, these aircraft underwent reconditioning prior to them entering service, while ATL would later acquire further spares aircraft from Surrey Flying Services or buy several other, derelict airframes from various RAF maintenance units around the country, with the aim of keeping the Air Charter machines in the air. Needless to say, they would also bare much of the responsibility for keeping these aircraft serviced and in perfect flying condition, although they would also handle a number of other Yorks at both Southend and Stansted, either breaking them for spares or in the case of of G-ANXN, renovating it for resale where it would eventually find its way into the hands of former SEN airline Dan-Air.


List of Avro 685 Yorks with ATEL

G-AGJB – 11/53 – 9/55

Broken up for spares at Stansted

G-ANXJ – 5/55 to 10/56

Broken up for spares at Southend 10/56

G-ANXM – 12/54 to 4/55

Broken up for spares at Southend 4/55

G-ANXN – 12/54 to 2/55

Renovated and TFR to Air Charter, but apparently not used until 4/56 – Sold to Dan-Air 9/56


Surrey Flying Services

With the merger into Air Charter and then the demise of the Surrey Flying Services name, its aircraft unofficially passed into the hands of Aviation Traders. Below is a list of Yorks that were probably used for spares by ATL.


B/U 9/55 at Stansted


B/U 9/55 at Stansted


B/U 9/55 at Stansted


Other Yorks

A list of Yorks bought by ATL and scrapped at other airfields


B/U at Kirkbride 2/52


B/U at Bassingbourne 2/52


B/U at Kirkbride 2/52

A small number of aircraft belonging to Surrey Flying Services were also broken in the same fashion and it is highly likely that the spares ended up in the hands of Aviation Traders.

Three more aircraft were purchased but dispatched to Thame where they were WFU and B/U (ANXK, XL and XO)


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