Avro York C.1 – s/n MW183

With Air Charter from Sep 1952 to Jan 1956

Given Name – ‘Nouvelle Caledonie’

Uniform Uniform came to Air Charter by way of Surrey Flying Services which was in itself a Laker concern, having acquired the airline as a subsidiary of ACL. The aircraft was summarily given a thorough going over and underwent conversion by Aviation Traders at Stansted during the winter and by the following March, she would go into service trooping as XD668, mostly to Cyprus. On the 7th of July 1953, AMUU was involved in an incident at Stansted when the undercarriage was selected up before the aircraft had gained enough lift to become airborne. While undergoing repairs, she received further damage after falling off of her stands while the engines were being removed. However, by August she had resumed the trooping work to Cyprus.

Inevitably, the trooping would continue and Uniform Uniform would find herself being kept busy with this work. In 1954, she would be seen in Malta and with Skyways’ loss of its Suez trooping contract in November as a result of safety issues, Air Charter would then seize the opportunity to take over this work and thus York UU would continue trooping back and forth to the Med for the duration. Little information has been recorded for the rest of 1955, although she was seen on a number of occasions at London Airport (later Heathrow) during the early part of 1955 and she was spotted refuelling in Malta on May 4th 1955. Otherwise, it is highly likely that she continued with these duties until she was sold off to Hunting Clan at the beginning of 1956.


History of G-AMUU

6/45 to 9/52

Royal Air Force as MW183

9/52 to 1/56

Air Charter Ltd as G-AMUU

(Purchased by SFS but almost immediately TFR to ACL)

1/56 to 5/59

Hunting Clan


WFU at Heathrow 2/59 and B/U 5/59


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