Douglas C-54A Skymaster – c/n 10351

With Air Charter from Dec 1955 to Jul 1960

Given Name – ‘Jason’

G-AOFW came to Britain at the end of 1955 via California Eastern and entered service with Air Charter the following year after a winter of maintenance at the ATEL facility at Stansted. As with most of ACL’s C-54s, they were generally put to work supplementing the ever dwindling Tudor fleet on long distance cargo runs and trooping flights, the latter of which would see bus or truck loads of fully armed and equipped soldiers arriving at Southend from RAF Hendon to board these C-54s for Malta, Cyprus and the Middle East, not to mention Bahrain where she was seen during April 1957. With the take over of Air Charter and ATEL during 1959, this aircraft would eventually pass into the hands of British United although she would still sometimes operate Calais and Ostend flights from Southend. Finally, she was flown to Stansted during April 1963 where she would undergo conversion to a Carvair.


History of G-AOFW

7/44 to 3/47

USAF/Douglas Aircraft as 42-72246

(Converted to DC-4 standard )

3/47 to 4/48

Pam-Am as N88919

4/48 to 4/50

Twentieth Century Airlines

4/50 to 12/55

Alitalia as I-DALV

9/54 to 12/55

California Eastern Airlines as N1436V

12/55 to 7/60

Air Charter Ltd as G-AOFW

7/60 to 4/63

British United Airways

4/63 to 3/64

Aviation Traders

(Converted to ATL.98 Carvair)

4/64 to 11/64

Leased to Iberia/Aviaco as EC-WVD/EC-AVD

3/65 to 10/67

British United Air Ferries as G-AOFW

3/65 to 12/83

British Air Ferries


WFU at Southend 8/79 – B/U 12/83



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